new home windowsWhen you think about windows for your Jacksonville, FL home, you usually do not immediately start to think about all of the design possibilities that are out there. This is because you may have become accustomed to thinking about windows in a very simplistic sense. You may think of them as barriers that separate the exterior world from the interior of our homes or as tools to help with insulation. You usually are not going to think of them as things that are going to add to the visual appeal of our home. With the many options that are present with new windows, though that is exactly how you should be thinking of them. New home windows in Jacksonville, FL can really add a lot to the curb appeal and the interior visual appeal of a home.

So what should you be thinking about when you are trying to go through all of the design options that are out there for your new windows Jacksonville FL? You need to start with the material that you are going to go with. From there you have to consider thing such as the colors, grilles, hardware, as well as glass options. When you take all of these different factors into account, what you’ll end up with is a brand new window design that is going to really complement your home from top to bottom once they are installed.


There really are quite a few different material options that are out there when you are thinking about new windows in Jacksonville, FL. This is going to start with the two main ones that most people are going to choose from – wood and vinyl. Things such as clad-wood and aluminum also exist, but wood and vinyl are the most popular options.

Wood windows are going to give you the visual appeal of beautiful natural wood. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are going to help you with energy efficiency and really give you a clean look with many different design options.


Many people do not realize that they can have windows in Jacksonville, FL designed with a specific color in mind. If you want a window to be tan, white, black, or something else, all of that is possible. We can work with you so that the windows that you go with come in the range of beautiful colors that you are looking for. You want to consider color as windows that match the color of your home can really help it from a visual appeal perspective.


Hardware is another big design option to consider for your windows in Jacksonville, FL.  Hardware is all about what you are going to see with the window locks, the handles and all of that which the window may encompass. It may not seem like much but this can really make or break the overall design and visual appeal that the windows are going to have.


Grilles are another important thing to think about from a decorative sense. These grilles, which are also known as grids, really do nothing more than add decoration to the windows. These grids are the pieces that you are going to see that divide the pane of the window. The grids are going to help to really bring out the architecture of the windows and your home overall. Think about the many different options that they come in.


The glass is arguably the most important factor that you are going to want to consider. The glass that you choose for your windows can help you from a style perspective. You could go with glass that is going to be impact-resistant or could even be tinted to try and keep some light out of a room that you want to keep on the darker side. Talk to us so that we can help you with the glass options available.

Designing the new windows Jacksonville, FL homeowners go crazy over is no easy feat. It takes a lot of work to design a window that is going to have everything that a homeowner wants. You have to consider the material, color, glass, hardware, grilles, and everything in-between. Work with us at American Windows so that we can ensure you end up with the perfect windows to complement your home and add to its appeal.