Thanksgiving DecorationsOne of the best ways to really decorate your home for the Thanksgiving holiday is to take advantage of the assets that your home has. This could include the new vinyl windows that you just had installed in your home. Due to the fact that they are new vinyl windows Jacksonville FL, chances are they deserve this level of attention. You can switch out curtains, have displays on the other sides of the windows, use vinyl clings, among other things to really decorate them in unique ways. This is all in the spirit of taking the Thanksgiving holiday to the next level.

Switch Out the Curtains

You probably have your go to curtains that you leave up for the majority of the year. Why not try and make things a bit more festive this holiday season though by switching out those curtains for something a bit more focused around Thanksgiving. When you have brand new vinyl windows for your Jacksonville, FL home that we just installed, you want to show them off in any way that you can. If you can find curtains that are festive and focused around Thanksgiving this can add to the event that much more. Think about switching out your curtains for something more festive to help tie your windows into the rest of your home decor. 

Use Vinyl Clings to Add Decoration

You can also draw attention to your new vinyl windows using clings. These cling-ons you probably have seen in stores time and time again, but never actually tried for yourself. The cling-ons that are sold for windows are very cool and are a cheap and easy way to add a lot of festive flair to your Thanksgiving decor.

Keep Them Clear to Symbolize Welcoming Guests

Another way to utilize your vinyl windows to add to the decoration is to not actually use them at all. This may sound funny, but it is actually true. Vinyl windows look so pure and clean on their own that they often don’t need a lot of decor around them. What you can do with them instead is to show off their newness while having a display through the glass. Think about having a table set up with a cornucopia or something along those lines. This draws attention to the window, but to the decor on the other side, tying your windows into the rest of your home.

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