We're here for you!If the customer service is bad, a client will run for the hills! This is one of the MANY reasons we put so much emphasis on providing top notch customer service. Whether you’re buying a product or receiving a service, the experience you have determines the value of the service/product. At American Window Products, nothing matters to us if our customers aren’t happy.

There’s so much competition in the window industry, which is why customer service is crucial to our success. Low prices and a good inventory aren’t the only factors that customers consider, which is why American Window Products excels in all three categories: pricing, products and service. We have the best reputation in our area, and we’re so excited for you to experience the American Window Products difference, especially when it comes to door installation.

A Focus on Quality

When you work with us, you’ll immediately notice the knowledge of our salespeople, the efficiency of our staff and the kindness of every team member. Our goal is that every single customer is impressed with their new window or door installation, and comes back time and time again because they loved every step of the installation process. To make the experience even better for you, we maintain important relationships with a large variety of door and window manufacturers to make sure the process is efficient and the product is of the highest quality.

It’s so important for customers to seek out a company that values exceptional service because it shapes their entire experience. No matter the size of the job, we promise to do our best to provide great service and an awesome final product.

History and Family

Companies that are family-owned and operated, like American Window Products, place a huge emphasis on the service they provide. We’ve been in the industry for over three decades and have served over 30,000 customers. We’ve been around for so long because we have so many happy customers!

Getting the Job Done Timely and Correctly

Choosing a company that places a focus on customer service when it comes to your door or window project will get the job on time and do it well. It’s obvious why we were awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. We do our work well the first time around so our customers are happy and our reputation isn’t jaded.

Custom Solutions

It’s pretty common that the front door frames of old or custom homes can’t fit a standard, templated front door. When this is the case, it’s just another reason to hire a company that’ll go the extra mile to ensure the door is installed correctly. The company you hire will have to put in some extra work to deliver a quality, custom door that perfectly fits your needs. A customer service focused company will be able to exceed your expectations.

Customer service should definitely be your main priority when you’re hiring a company for a window or door installation project. Trust us, you’ll be thankful!