Window InstallationWhen you are thinking about the windows that you have currently in your home you need to size them up by taking into account a few different factors. You have to think about the frames of the windows. Do you have vinyl frames, wooden frames, or something else? You also have to think about the quality of the glass that you have. The age of the windows has to be taken into account as well. Arguably the biggest thing to understand, though, is whether or not you have single or double paned windows in Jacksonville FL.  

Comfortable Temperature

We always strive to have our homes be as comfortable as possible from a temperature perspective. The goal of any quality heating or air conditioning system is to have your home be one temperature throughout as you go from one room to the next. This level of uniformity across the home is what is going to allow you to have a true sense of comfort across the board. If you are walking around with no socks on in the winter in your living room and you go to the bedroom, you should still be warm when you get there. When this is not the case, your windows likely are playing a factor. Single pane windows are going to let air come right through them and cause your temperature on the inside of your home to fluctuate that much more. Double paned windows give you the insulation where you can achieve the temperature uniformity you want.

The Noise Level

Double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL also help with the noise level on the inside of your home. Think about the noise level that exists outside. You have cars and trucks driving by all day long, you could have the sound of the wind, rain outside, construction taking place, among other things. These are all outside noises that you simply do not want making their way into the home. You want your home to be a quiet place, a place of peace and comfort. Double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL will assist you a great deal in terms of reducing that noise level as much as possible. When the noise hits these windows, the noise is going to be reduced to such a level that you will hear next to nothing inside.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency also plays a major role here and this gets back to controlling the temperature on the inside of your home. When you have single paned windows, you are going to find that your air conditioner or your heating equipment is going to have to work that much harder to keep your home at the temperature that you desire. This is because all of that air that is being left out of the windows from the inside and allows in from the outside. Energy efficiency gains can be realized when you have home replacement windows that are double paned. Double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL will allow you to really benefit from an energy efficiency perspective and reduce energy costs month to month.

There really is no comparison between single pane to double-paned windows in Jacksonville, FL. Double-paned windows are superior in every sense of the word and can help your home in many ways. Consult with us at American Window Products and we can help you get your home set up with double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL today.