Window MaintenanceWhen replacing your home windows, you are replacing a major asset of your home overall.  New windows are going to pack a great deal of longevity when they are first installed. It is up to you to be sure that you are doing what is needed to help to maintain that beauty and longevity across the board. The better that you care and maintain these windows the more that they are going to repay you over time with amazing results in terms of appearance and what they deliver when protecting your home from the outside elements.

Annual Maintenance

What is a great habit to get into is to get a routine going where you do some heavy maintenance on your windows annually.  Once every 12-months or so, get a maintenance kit and piece it together with anything that you would need. From there go around and inspect each of the windows so that you can be sure that they are doing what you need them to do and look the way that they should.

When you are putting together this maintenance kit, make sure you have are things including a little battery vacuum to suck up any of the dirt that exists. You could also use a small brush to get rid of any dirt or debris that is in those hard to reach areas. Paper towels are certainly a must, as are screwdrivers in the event that you notice any screws are loose that need some attention.

Regular Maintenance

Some of the other regular maintenance that you can do when you have replacement windows Jacksonville is much simpler like regularly cleaning the windows. When you have double hung windows, it can be quite easy to clean both the inside and the outside. All you have to do is to pop the windows in towards you so that you can get the exterior and then pop them back in when you want to get the interior.  

Professional Inspection

American Window Products will come right out to your home and do an analysis and inspection of the windows that you have. When we do this, we are going to be looking to make sure that everything is on-point from a functionality perspective with the windows. In the event that there are any minor repairs and such that are needed, we are going to be in a sound position to recommend some of those things to you or just give you assurance that your windows are where they should be quality wise.