One of the greatest joys in life is becoming a homeowner after renting for so many years. Putting down your roots is a beautiful thing, and the freedom that comes along with it is incomparable. Unless you have a strict HOA, you’re free to install a putting green in your front yard or paint your doors bright pink! Even if you aren’t that adventurous, we certainly encourage you to take advantage of the creative possibilities afforded to you as a Jacksonville homeowner.


Whether the doors in your FL home have begun to look drab or you simply want to mix things up, changing the color of your front door is an affordable DIY project that makes a huge impact.


Choose a Color for Your Doors that Complements the Architecture of Your Jacksonville Home:


The color of the doors on a colonial will be vastly different from the doors on a cottage or contemporary home. Jacksonville is a sprawling city with a wide variety of architectural styles. The homes you see along the beaches will vary greatly from what you see in Arlington, San Marco or Mandarin. Here’s our advice based on the specific architecture of your house:




Modern homes are typically neutral and bright with clean lines and minimal landscaping. This muted color palette gives you the freedom to mix it up! If you want to stay true to the natural color scheme of your home, opt for a pale gray or white color for the doors. Alternatively, you can also go bright for a season. Depending on your style, salmon and burnt orange doors are common colors to brighten your contemporary Jacksonville home.




This is an incredibly popular style for historic homes in Jacksonville. The shingled siding of these homes can range from pale green to dark gray, so the color you choose for your doors has everything to do with the color of your home’s exterior. If you aim to preserve the authenticity of your Craftsman, brown or white are solid colors for the exterior of your doors. More adventurous options include army green, lavender and pale pink.




If you live in one of the newer suburbs around Jacksonville, like Nocatee or Beach Haven, this style of home likely dots the quiet, clean streets of your neighborhood. It’s important to choose a front door color for your farmhouse home that complements the open porch and horizontal siding. Because farmhouse homes typically gravitate toward muted color palettes, this is one of the best architectural styles for brightly colored doors! Aqua, turquoise (go Jags!) and tangerine are great options that will certainly make your home pop.




While this style has sweeping popularity in southern Florida, there are still many homes around Jacksonville with a Mediterranean influence. The main indicators that your home falls into this category are stucco walls, typically burnt orange or tan, and a sloping, tiled roof. We don’t recommend painting the doors of your Mediterranean home a bright pastel because it’ll likely contrast with the rest of the house. Opt for a burnt orange or dark gray to keep with the tone.




Tudor-style homes are few and far between in Jacksonville, Fl, but beautiful just the same. They’re often built from a combination of red brick and white stucco with exposed half-timber exposed on the exterior. Because this style is so distinct and traditional, it’s tough to branch outside of the architectural style when it comes to the color of the exterior doors. We’re not telling you to play it safe, but we don’t want to give any advice that would make your family home look tacky. Choose a traditional color like dark brown, dark gray or white.


What a Fresh Coat of Paint Just Doesn’t do the Job


Sometimes a cosmetic refresh is enough, but more often than not, your door is outdated and in need of replacement. Older front doors often lack energy efficiency, security and aesthetic appeal. Fiberglass doors are the best choice for twenty-first-century homes. From their affordable price tag to their high-quality appearance, fiberglass doors are the best option for Jacksonville homes.


If you decide you want to go a step further than a fresh coat of paint, work with the professionals at American Window Products to design a door that fits your home and personal style. Fiberglass doors come in a wide range of colors, styles and designs, making them the perfect choice for the majority of home owners.