The summer is over, but you still have creaky, outdated doors you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Now is the time. Replacing your doors is important for the aesthetics of your house, for functionality and, above all else, for your pocketbook. If this is a task you’ve been putting off, do not fret. The fall season is the best time to replace your doors and windows.


Skip the Summer


Many people get their doors replaced during the summer, but being that we live in Jacksonville, Florida, we have a unique problem to deal with… BUGS! The hot and humid days of our Florida summers will be infested with bugs. If you have a door with a draft, cracks or a space at the bottom, you have an easy entry for gnarly Florida bugs. Even if the crack doesn’t seem big, you’d be surprised by what can squeeze its way through even the tiniest of spaces. Not to mention, these unwanted visitors are more likely than ever to enter your home if you replace your doors during summer. Schedule the replacement during fall and you’ll avoid the threat of bugs altogether since the colder weather causes critters to retreat. Another benefit of repairing or replacing your doors during fall is that your wait time will reduce drastically, as most people think to do it during summer. The amount of door replacements happening in the fall is much fewer, so you’re likely to finish the task promptly so you can move on to your next project.


Get it in Before Winter


Getting your door replaced in the fall means you’ll be well-prepared for the winter. Old doors combined with winter weather means bad news for your wallet. As doors get older, they lose their weather seals, which means your heating bill is bound to creep up. Doors with a draft, cracks or breaks along the panels are guaranteed to cause heat loss. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about snow damage in Florida, but we do have to worry about wet, cold winters that will take a toll on our doors. Frost damage, water damage and mildew are all serious threats to consider. This is bad news for wood doors because they don’t have very much insulation built in. Unfortunately, that beautiful wood finish can prove to be fragile when faced with the Florida sun and rain. Nowadays, there are great high tech door options that are weather and energy efficient. For example, fiberglass doors are a great alternative option. They have the classic look of wood doors, and they will save you significantly more on your heating bill. Fiberglass is cheaper than wood and it’s way more durable. Not to mention, most fiberglass doors come with a foam insulated core that is very good at keeping in the heat. Get a fiberglass door installed before the winter and you’ll be set.


Your Door is a Centerpiece for the Holidays


Typically, winter is the season that calls for the most preparation. This is the time when you’ll be at your house the most, and it’s probably the time you’ll have the most guests. With your family and friends coming over for the holidays, walking in and out, you’ll want to make sure the functionality of your door is in tip-top shape. Imagine your aunt opening your front door only to be greeted by a loud creak like she just walked into a haunted mansion… not the best introduction to the holidays or to your home. Your door is more than just a point of entry; it can add character to your home! Maybe you want to switch from a full glass door to a french door, or from a paneled door to a steel door. Envision your perfect door with a fresh coat of paint and a beautiful holiday wreath hanging on the outside for all your guests to see. You can make it happen.


When it comes to replacing doors it’s all about timing. Timing helps to make sure the replacement is done efficiently, and it helps to get you one step closer to your dream home. Right now is the time to replace your doors because it’s the fall season, but it’s also the right time because it’s the present! Why wait? Get rid of your raggedy door and make the change to something new. The entrance to your home is a focal point, so explore different colors and experiment with different styles of doors. There are so many options out there, you’re guaranteed to find the style that’s a perfect fit for your home.