Welcome to your new home! How are the windows?Purchasing a new home is a big investment for you, which makes it even more important to know the house is in good shape before opening your wallet. The best way to check things out is with a home inspection. Typically, buyers have about a week of wiggle room after the offer’s accepted to have an inspection done. But there are a few things you can look for on your own, like the quality of the windows, before even putting in that offer.

The windows of a home are a major asset that can provide comfort, or they can create lots of stress. When you purchase a home with aged windows, a slew of risks and issues are just right around the corner. There are a few areas of concern you can easily spot, check them out:

The Panes of Glass

Look at the pane(s) of glass that make up the windows and check for any problems. Issues like cracks and gaps causing airflow are something you should worry about. Also, older windows are typically single paned, which means you will have low energy efficiency and potentially higher electric bills.

When the house you’re looking to purchase has thin, single paned windows, you’ll experience some setbacks right away. The primary problem will be the decreased energy efficiency that the windows will provide. Single panes of glass do a poor job of maintaining the temperature in your home, primarily because air easily leaks in and out and the heating/AC systems can’t run efficiently.

Security Concerns

This is probably the biggest area of concern for you and your family. We don’t blame you! Another reason that single paned windows aren’t ideal is because they can be easily broken by vandals or burglars. And don’t just check the quality of the pane, check the function of the window locks. Locks weren’t as common when single pane windows were mainly used, so it’s possible the locks are makeshift or even nonexistent.

Rotting of the Frame

If the window frames are in bad shape, then it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be paying for a full window replacement. Are the frames of the windows made of wood? If so, what is the condition of these frames? Does there appear to be rotting and cracking going on with the frames? If you check for these things, it’ll be easy to determine the window’s condition and any possible risks that might come your way in the future. Rotten frames can lead to leaks, bad energy efficiency and mold growth.

There are many things you should check before purchasing a home, but we’ve outlined a few of the big ones. The more you’re aware of what to look for, the happier you’ll be with your purchase.