Main Entry Door

Replacing the front door of your home is arguably the most valuable >(yet expensive) home improvement project. Not only is the main entry door of your home the main focal point of the structure, it’s also the most frequently used part of your home, making it more susceptible to wear and tear. For these reasons, many homeowners prioritize front door replacements when their old when isn’t getting the job done anymore. Installing a new front door isn’t just practical, it increases curb appeal, adds functionality and results in energy efficiency gains.

The price of a home improvement project is typically a hot button topic for homeowners. Budget is always a concern, and for good reason. Homeowners don’t typically take on projects they can’t afford, and that’s why working out a budget for your front door replacement is so important. We want you to reap the benefits of a new entry door without any sort of financial strain.

Know the Material Options Available

There are so many different materials to choose from when selecting your new front door. If you’re going for a classic, vintage look, a solid wood door is a great option. For a more modern or customized look, steel and fiberglass are wise choices. Each material will have its own benefits and varying price tags.

Before you do any serious research, we recommend having a firm idea of what you’d like to spend. When there’s a price limit on the table from the get-go, we’ll immediately be able to guide you to doors that won’t only suit your needs, but fit within your budget.

Get Quotes for Professional Installation

Along with creating a budget for the actual door, it’s also important to get various quotes for the front door installation. The quality of the installation is equally as important as the door, so this is a step you definitely don’t want to skip. In order to get the most out of your new door, it must be fully sealed and airtight, eliminating any worry of drafts and leakage. The awesome team at American Window Products understands budget constraints, but we also know quality work. We take pride in delivering exceptional work to our clients, and doing it within your means.

Plan Finances Ahead of Time

From a financial perspective, it’s always wise to proactively plan out your finances, especially when it comes to costly home improvement projects. Determine the dollar amount that makes the most sense for your family and future, then do your best to save in advance for the project cost. When you’re ready to move forward with the project, you’ll already have the money set aside.

Budgeting for a new front door installation in your Jacksonville home shouldn’t be a stressful experience. With the proper knowledge, planning and research, you’ll find a front door and team of professionals to get the job done. We’re fully confident that our American Window Products team can get the job done incredibly well and at a great price!