windows in tall buildingIn office buildings, condominiums, apartments and homes that are 3+ stories, double hung windows are your best bet. This option is gaining popularity because of the numerous maintenance, accessibility and safety benefits. If you’re a property owner in Jacksonville, American Window Products has you covered for double hung window installation. 

The Double Hung Difference

The way double hung windows operate is what makes them so appealing. Both the top and bottom window panel can be pulled up and down and also pulled inward. While double hung windows have numerous operations, single hung windows only go up and down in the bottom section. 
Although double hung windows are more expensive, the benefits and features outweigh the additional cost. 

Cleaning and Easy Access

 The days of dangerous window cleaning techniques are long gone. Because of all the ways double hung windows can operate, the windows can be cleaned from right inside the building. The windows rotate inward, making cleaning the inside and outside windows a much safer and inexpensive process. 


An incredible feature of the double hung windows is the added bonus of ventilation. If you want to ventilate a room, simply open the top portion of the window. If you’re in need of more circulation, just open the top and bottom together so the cool air comes in through the bottom window and warm air escapes from the top. 


Because opening just the top portion of the window is an option with double hung windows, the worry of children and pets pushing through the lower window is no longer a factor. Single hung windows offer very limited safety compared to the many features of double hung windows.
If low-maintenance, accessibility and safety are among your chief concerns, double hung windows cover the bases. If you’re a property owner in Jacksonville and your building is 3+ stories, double hung windows installed by American Window Products is the way to go.