What better way to elevate your Florida home than with a beautiful sunroom. We’re all about natural light whenever possible, and that’s the sole purpose of a sunroom. Whether you look out to a small backyard or an ocean view, Jacksonville is the perfect spot for a sunroom addition with Low E glass windows.


Of course, you can only reap the benefits of this add-on if you choose the right windows. American Window Products is here to help you make the best decision for your new sunroom. Take a look at this simple guide on how to purchase the right windows for this fun space in your home.

Hinged Windows

This option is divided into two categories: awning and casement. The one you go with comes down to the location of your sunroom and the size of the windows you need. Both have their own unique benefits.


On one hand, awning windows open from the top. This allows hot air to escape from the bottom and rainwater to glide off the glass. Casement windows, on the other hand, are equipped with screens to block bugs and open from the side to create a breeze.

Fixed Windows

No, they don’t open and no this isn’t just a budget option. Fixed windows are a great option for parts of your sunroom you simply can’t reach. If you have high ceilings or windows placed all the way at the top of the wall, fixed windows are a perfect choice.


Some of the main benefits of this option is their heavy insulation and their draft-proof construction. Use these in congruence with another window option for a perfectly encased sunroom.

Sliding Windows

One of our favorite options for those hot Jacksonville summers! Sliding windows are a great energy efficient option, especially when you pair them with a Low E glass coating. This option comes in many different colors, sizes and styles to perfectly accompany your home’s architecture.


The design of these windows allows them to slide in a horizontal motion, which is an efficient use of the space in your sunroom and makes the most of your views.

Double Hung Windows

This is a classic option for homes of any architectural style. Open up your double hung windows for a breeze when you’d like, or close them for optimal insulation. Another understated perk of this window design is how easy it is to keep them clean.


Double hung windows come in plenty of colors, sizes and styles. They are screen-friendly, simple to use and easy to clean. Just a few reasons the American Window Products team loves this option for Jacksonville homes.

Bow and Bay Windows

If you’re like most people, the view from your sunroom is one of the top priorities. That’s where bow and bay windows come in. Any window style will give you clear, unobstructed views but this option in particular takes it a step further.


Enjoy the vast views and the immense amount of sunlight that comes along with this option. These windows are built to actually expand the room, so they’re the perfect choice for an added reading nook or bench seat.

Avoid the Confusion and Consult American Window Products

You have so many window designs to choose from for your new sunroom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The smartest thing you can do is to partner with a window professional from the get-go.


American Window Products has been one of the largest suppliers of windows for homeowners around Jacksonville for over three decades. We’re here to help you, not overcharge you. Our prices are the fairest in town and our product is top quality.


Many thanks to our 4 installers, Josh, Chad, Gene and Tom, for their outstanding workmanship, attitude, demeanor and professionalism.  We love our new vinyl windows.

– Teresa W., Google Review


New windows are a big investment for every budget. Whether you replace one window or need windows for a whole sunroom, lots of preparation must go into the purchase. When it comes to measurements, design and features like Low E glass, you can’t trust just anyone.


The American Window Products design experts and installers have the answers and skillset you want. Chat with us today for help selecting windows for your sunroom.