image-17.jpegIf you’re blessed enough to have a home right on the ocean, you have some of the most valuable and desirable real estate in the country. You get to wake up every morning to the most beautiful form of nature, and it’s important you have high-quality windows to accentuate the breathtaking views. The right window treatments will accentuate all of the reasons you invested in your beachside property. 

Layered Treatments

Layered window treatments will accentuate the best qualities of the house. Think of insulating or cellular shades topped with hanging curtains. What you’ll achieve is an elegant finish and the cozy beach vibe you’re looking for. 
If you desire privacy, look for functional window fixtures that’ll easily open and close. Blackout shades will provide complete darkness and are the peak of privacy. If color, texture and height are your priority, consider hanging long drapery panels close to the ceiling, possibly layered with bamboo shades. 
Although, many rooms in the home have no need for privacy. When this is the case, you’re in the market for aesthetically pleasing window treatments. Long drapery panels, Roman shades or a cornice/valance will give you the beautiful look you’re going for. 

Natural Wooden Blinds or Shades

The rustic appearance is so popular right now, and is a great option for a stylish, classic beach house. To achieve this look, it’s as simple as installing simple wooden blinds or shades. The texture and coloring will give your home a natural look and create endless options for decorating. These simple fixtures will allow natural sunlight to pour through the windows to highlight the great decor in your beach house. 
Natural wood window fixtures come in many types and stains, giving you even more room to personalize your space. They’re typically price-conscious, too. Win, win. 

Driftwood Shutters

The definition of beach house chic. These weathered wood shutters will accentuate your decor and color scheme perfectly, even more so when they’re folded down to block sun or provide privacy. If you open the windows, driftwood shutters go perfectly with the cool ocean breeze and bright sunshine. Driftwood shutters are the perfect addition to any Jacksonville beach home. 

The Custom Beach Flair

Feel like a DIY? Head down to beach (lucky for you, it’s a short trip to your backyard) and collect some pretty shells and sea glass. Screw mini holes in each piece and use a thin rope or string to tie them to a weathered oar. Then, hang the oar above the window and let the sun shine through your handmade window fixtures. Natural, beautiful, beachy. 
There are so many window treatment options for your beach house, and the options we’ve outline will best highlight the designs and beautiful views. Get the most out of your beach home, starting with appropriate window treatments.