Most homeowners can easily recognize when it’s time to upgrade their windows. There are some surefire signs you’ll begin to notice. From cracks in the frame to expensive energy bills, it’s better to update your windows right away rather than waiting. Once you make the decision to invest in new windows, your next step is choosing the right type. Your options can become overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know if you consider Hy-Lite or Barcelona windows for your Jacksonville home:

The Benefits of Barcelona Windows

The long glass panes of these windows are paired with dura sill frames for long-lasting, beautiful benefits. It’s not always easy to find a happy medium between gorgeous design and peak durability. We have great news! Barcelona windows offer all these benefits with the added perk of little to no maintenance requirements. 


Additionally, this window design provides homeowners with an energy efficient window solution that cuts utility costs. Multichambered, weather stripping frames prevent unwanted airflow. Add the ENERGYSTAR-approved impact glass and you’re looking at one of the best window options on the market.

Notable Features of Barcelona Windows

– High-grade weatherstripping: Soft-Lite’s weatherstripping offers premier performance and insulation.


– Easy to use latches: The limiting latches promote better ventilation and keep your home and family secure.


– Stainless steel endless force balance system: What does all of this mean? Good things for you and your sanity, that’s what. This configuration allows for simple one-touch functionality in even oversized double-hung models.


– Comfort foam: The comfort foam Soft-Lite uses inside the frame chamber improves thermal performance and prevents leaks.


The Benefits of Hy-Lite Windows

This is the obvious choice for homeowners who prioritize privacy. Hy-Lite acrylic block windows are a pre-famed, easy-to-install choice that blurs the view looking in and looking out. We love this option for bathrooms, closets and playrooms. 


Another great benefit of this choice is the energy efficiency that comes from the double- and triple-paned design. American Window Products uses top-quality, lighter blocks to further your energy efficient benefits. Work with our team to choose the right size, design and shape for your Jacksonville home. 

Notable Features of Hy-Lite Windows


– Maintenance-free: The blurred panes of glass minimize sunlight and don’t require blinds, which means no tedious dusting. 


– Eliminate excess natural light: The Florida sun can be intense. These windows account for the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) in their design to keep the flow of UV rays to a minimum. 

Understand Your Options with the Help of American Window Products

The choice to upgrade your windows has a multitude of benefits. On the surface, it’s the greatest way to reduce operating costs and reap the benefits of modern features. If you’re unsure which window type suits you best, the American Window Products design and installation pros are here to help. We identify your priorities, understand your design style and make recommendations to fit your needs and budget.


Are you ready to make the decision between Barcelona and Hy-Lite windows? Chat with our team today to schedule your free estimate