Are your home windows hard to clean?Some things in our home are just harder to clean than others.  We spent countless hours on a weekly and monthly basis trying to keep up with our home.  This means cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, counters, sheets, walls, and especially windows.  The majority of homeowners in the Jacksonville, FL are are living with older windows.  Not all are fortunate enough to have purchased a home with new windows or have had their windows replaced with newer and more updated vinyl windows.  When you are living with old windows you are likely often struggling to keep them clean.  Cleaning older windows is one of the most annoying tasks due to their design.  If you find yourself in this group, you may want to think about replacing the windows.

Replacement home windows in the Jacksonville, FL area are really going to help you in terms of being able to keep them clean in a relatively short period of time.  They are also going to help you a variety of other areas.  This includes areas such as energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.  Anyone who has transitioned from older wooden windows to newer replacement vinyl windows has found that their homes can remain at a regulated and comfortable temperature with more ease than they did with the old windows.  From a visual sense, the uptick in curb appeal is also immediately noticeable.  

The Design of New Windows

So what is the difference between new windows and the older windows that you have had in your home for so many years now?  It really comes down to the design.  Just like how things such as cars have evolved over time in their design, so have home windows.  Home windows made today are manufactured in a very different way than they were back in the 1950s, 1980s, and even in the 1990s.  Newer home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL are typically going to have a frame that is vinyl instead of wooden.  They are also going to have some big differences in terms of the glass and the way they are hung.

The glass for new windows is typically going to be double-paned.  This means that you have two panes of glass separating the interior of your house from the outside world.  This is pretty standard with new windows and really comes into play when you are talking about energy efficiency.  

Newer home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL are also typically going to be of the double-hung variety.  Double-hung windows means that the windows are going to be latched to the frame in two places.  They are going to be hung from the top or the bottom.  This means that if you want to pop the window inward from the bottom or the top this is something that is achievable.

How They Make Cleaning Easier

New home replacement windows are simply much easier to clean than old windows due to those design differences mentioned above.  With the vinyl frames a quick wipe down is going to have them looking clean in no time.  On top of that the double-hung make-up of the windows means that cleaning the exterior and interior of the windows will be a breeze.  No longer will you have to try and hang your window out on the other side just to clean the exterior of the window.  With double-hung windows you can just pop them inward toward you and clean away to get them shining in no time.  When you are thinking about new windows you are trying to see the benefits they provide to you.  These benefits can be experienced in a variety of ways, but the ease of cleaning they bring is arguably up there as the best benefit.

We all want to make the upkeep of our homes as simple as possible.  We all live very on-the-go lifestyles and do not have hours on end to try and keep our houses clean and well-kept.  Whenever something can be done to try and simplify this cleaning process it should be reached for.  Replacing your home windows in your Jacksonville, FL home is going to make your life that much easier from a cleaning perspective and really have your home shining day in and day out with a much easier cleaning regimen on top.