We can’t think any other place in the country that reaps the benefits of impact-resistant windows like Jacksonville. Hurricane-force winds hit our coastline every year and the damage can be catastrophic. Even homes located in places like Orange Park an Ortega feel the impact of strong winds and rain from intense summer storms.


On the other hand, there’s a good chance you’d love to lower your energy bill and reduce outdoor noise. We’re here to walk you through the expected and not-so-obvious benefits of one of the most powerful window options on the market.

Clear Benefits of Investing in Impact Windows

Impact-resistant windows are a cost-effective option for homeowners looking to increase their home’s security and value. When you work with the American Window Products professionals to install these high-quality windows, the benefits you see are endless.

Reason #1 Protect Your Home From Hurricane Winds

This is one of the primary reasons homeowners like you upgrade to impact-resistant windows. It’s no secret that you sacrifice a level of security when living near the ocean. Thanks to incredible advances in window protection and home security, that doesn’t ring as true as it did many years ago.


Impact-resistant windows and hurricane fabric work overtime to keep your family safe in even the strongest of storms. Unlike hurricane shutters, impact-resistant windows can stay up all year long to provide 365 days of protection. Far less hassle and handy work is required to maintain these modern windows.

Reason #2 Keep Your Family Safe From Intruders

When an expert installs your impact-resistant windows, your home will benefit from the highest level of home protection on the market. Multiple layers of glass and synthetic materials make penetration and break-ins incredibly difficult.


The materials used to create these strong windows are to prevent shattered debris in a storm. Lucky for all of us, incredible home protection is an added benefit of the investment.

Reason #3 Lower Your Utility Bills

Summers in Jacksonville often lead to steep utility bills. With impact-resistant windows, that doesn’t have to be the case. Impact windows resist the strength of Florida’s solar heat and retain heat on cold winter nights. This all adds us up to impressive savings on your monthly energy bill.

Reason #4 Reduce the Effects of Outdoor Noise

If you live near a busy intersection or a neighborhood where the kiddos play in the cul-de-sac, you know how important noise reduction can be. It can be hard to focus on work or enjoy a Netflix marathon when outdoor disruptions seep in through outdated windows.


Impact glass is a quick way to cut down on annoying noise. While the windows were constructed to keep your home safe from exterior forces, preventing exterior noise from getting in is simply an added bonus.

Reason #5 Discounts on Your Insurance Premium

Effective home protective systems like impact-resistant windows are nationally recognized by large and small insurance companies alike. Impact windows provide year-round protection that reduces the risk taken by insurance providers when insuring your home.

Install Impact-Resistant Windows to Provide Year-Round Protection for Your Home and Family

It’s important to take every necessary step to protect your loved ones during storm season in Jacksonville. With impact-resistant windows, you get protection and then some. From the practical benefits like security from storms and intruders to more intricate perks like insurance discounts, the rlist of reasons to go with these windows is endless.


Great experience! I love my new windows. I am glad I opted for wrapping of the outside frame, it really made the windows look beautiful. A big thank you to everyone from my salesperson to the installation gentlemen to the office personnel who answered my questions and provided great customer service.
– T. Leme, Google Review

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