Window ReplacementSome home improvements do not provide a lot of value from a visual sense.  Think about something such as replacing a furnace or a water heater, or perhaps having some of the electrical or plumbing re-done in your home.  These home improvements are necessary, but they aren’t really going to get the attention of you, your family, or anyone else when they are walking through your home.  This is not the case when you are talking about home replacement windows.  When you have the windows of your home replaced, you are giving your home a real uptick in terms of visual appeal, functionality, among other things.

The Cost Isn’t Huge Compared to Other Improvement Projects

Sure, the cost of new home replacement windows may seem like a lot, but the cost is not that big when you compare it to other home improvement projects.  The cost of new home replacement windows is typically going to be less expensive than something like having a new roof put on your home or having a room remodeled.  Typically, home replacement windows are only going to run you around $300 per window, on average.  The style and make-up of the windows is going to alter this price either in the positive or negative direction, but that’s a decent baseline to start from when you are thinking about cost.

They Make Your Home a Safer Place

New home replacement windows actually do a lot to make your home safer.  The sun’s harmful UV rays can do a lot of damage to you, your family, your pets, as well as the furniture and flooring in your home.  Older windows are known to do a very poor job of actually preventing harmful UV rays from making it through the glass and beaming down on everything inside.  New home replacement windows will help better protect you, your family, and your assets from the UV rays of the sun.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

We all want our homes to be as energy efficient as possible.  This means helping the air conditioning and heating equipment in our home have to work a bit less in order to regulate the temperature to where we want it to be.  New home replacement windows do a lot to make our homes as energy efficient as possible.  They will help better insulate our homes so that less air gets in and out from the exterior.  Your home is supposed to be a safe haven and new windows help that become more of a reality than in the past.

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

How many times have you had to go up a ladder to either re-paint exterior windows or try and clean the glass.  It is simply much harder than it should be for older windows and older homes.  New replacement windows are going to be the double-hung variety where they have the ability to swing inward.  This helps with the cleaning a great deal as you do not have to risk life and limb climbing up a ladder to try and clean the glass on the outside.  New windows are also going to require much less maintenance as the vinyl windows do not require painting on an annual basis.

Increased Home Value

New window replacements are known to be one of the best value items you can get for your home.  New windows are typically going to increase the value of your home by roughly 80% or so of the actual cost of the windows.  This is remarkable and above and beyond just about any other home improvement that you may be able to get.  In the end, your home’s value is going to do a lot for your equity or if you ever want to put it on the real estate market.

The biggest detractor to new home replacement windows is the cost that usually comes along with having them installed.  New home replacement windows in the Jacksonville, FL area are not cheap.  What you should note, though, is that there are factors to consider that will help offset the actual cost of the windows.  In the end, this is not only going to help you justify the amount of money you are putting out to have them installed in the first place, but it is also going to save you money in the long run.  The five factors discussed above are important considerations to make pertaining to the cost of home replacement windows.