Jacksonville FL WindowsYou may not think that you have many options when you go to replace your Jacksonville, FL windows, but you really do. Things have changed in the window industry to the point where there is a lot of opportunity for customization. The windows Jacksonville homeowners swoon over have designs with some of them, are made up of different framing, among other things. The reason that you want to pay attention to the design of your new windows Jacksonville is because your windows are a major part of your home. When your windows mesh with the overall style of your home then you are going to realize a great many benefits. They will benefit your home’s appearance from the inside and out and do a lot to increase your home’s value.

So what are the design options that are available to you when you are going through a windows Jacksonville replacement project? We at American Window Products are going to be there for you every step of the way that you can be comfortable with your decisions. You’ll have to think about things such as your window type, the casement, material it is made out of, glass, among other things.

Choosing a Window Type

Believe it or not there are many different types of windows out there that you can choose from as a Jacksonville, FL homeowner. These different types of windows may be more suitable for some homes rather than others. The current most popular design type is that of a double-hung window. These are going to include two vertically sliding windows that are in one frame. They have the ability to open towards you so that you can clean the exterior with ease. You can also go with a single-hung window, a casement, or an awning.

For those that are looking for a bit of a fancier look, you may want to think about design types such as bay and bow window or a hinged window that swings either inward or outward. These are all window design types to consider when replacing windows in your Jacksonville home.

Glass Type

The type of glass that you go with is also going to be very important. At the very least, you want to be sure that you have double-pane glass when you are replacing the windows of your home. This is going to ensure that you have two layers of protection to help with energy efficiency, protection from the sun’s UV rays, among other things. There are also other glass types that you may be interested in. This could include special sun glass that can further help prevent harmful UV rays from getting through. You may also want to think about tinted glass for added privacy and to help keep some of the light outside.

Trim and Finishes

Windows can have all different types of trim and finishes on the inside and the outside. You are probably going to want to go with a vinyl frame, but you are going to want to think about the trim and finish so that you can have an aesthetic look that is appealing to you. This is where you are going to get the most added value and bang for your buck with the new windows.

The Appropriate Grille

The grille of your new windows is also a design option that you are going to want to consider. This is where you see the grid-lines in the windows that are going to give you that special design look that you were going for. The customization options here are vast so bring your ideas!

Hardware Options

It may seem like a small thing, but the hardware that locks the windows and such can further help give your windows that much more of a detailed look to them. Think about what you want out of the hardware so that your windows can encompass the exact look that you want out of them.

When you replace the windows of your Jacksonville, FL home you want to get all of the benefits that you can out of the experience. This means enjoying the energy efficiency benefits, the aesthetic benefits, the benefits in the increase of your home value, and more. We at American Window Products are here to help you understand these design options to make your windows unique and your own.