Simplify cleaningHome window cleaning is probably not a task that you enjoy doing all that much.  It is a rewarding task as it is great when your Florida windows are beaming from corner to corner, but outside of that cleaning is usually not all that fun.  What we try to do as homeowners is to reduce the amount of cleaning that we have to do whenever possible.  Technology has made cleaning easier over the years, but it is also important to ensure that your home is updated to simplify things even further.  One of the best ways that you can simplify window cleaning is by having new home windows installed.  The advancements made over the years with new home windows available for Jacksonville, FL homes make the windows ideal options to improving the look of your home and making your life cleaning them that much easier.

Think of the struggles that you have cleaning your old windows.  Older windows are going to require extensive cleaning of the glass on the interior and the exterior as well as the frames themselves.  You can put in a lot of work to be sure that the interior glass is as clean as possible, but if you have no way of reaching all of the outside glass without pulling out a ladder, what are you to do as a homeowner?  This is where new windows come into play and provide you with simpler cleaning solutions across the board.  Let’s take a closer look at three ways that new home windows for your Jacksonville, FL home help simplify cleaning.

The Design of the Windows

The design of the windows is the first thing that jumps off of the page when you think about simplified cleaning and newer windows.  Older windows were a single-pane design that just opened upwards and downwards.  Newer windows are more advanced than that as they have the ability to pull inward.  These are called double-hung windows and you will be able to pull the window in towards you so that you can clean the outside of the window with a great deal of ease.  Doing so is going to allow the windows to look as clean as they did the first day they were installed and save yourself from struggling to reach the outside of the window or go up on a ladder to clean the exterior.  Double-hung windows make cleaning the glass on the inside and out as easy as possible. 

Durability Comes Into Play as Well

When thinking about new home replacement windows and cleaning them, you also have to bring durability into the equation.  Older windows are going to be far less durable than newer windows.  This means that you’ll have to go that much slower when you clean them.  The last thing you want to do with old windows is crack a pane of glass as you are scrubbing away to try and get rid of any dirt or residue that remains.  The durability of new windows helps to minimize the chances of anything like this happening.  The windows are going to be far more prepared to handle the cleaning that you want to give to them without having to worry about doing any long-term damage.  Durability of new windows for Florida homes means you can clean without concern.

The Framing Erases the Need for Regular Exterior Maintenance

Exterior maintenance is also something that you are going to want to consider as a homeowner trying to simplify the cleaning of your windows.  Older windows are going to have frames that are made up of wood.  This type of frame make-up is going to be quite difficult to keep looking new.  When you have wood window frames, you’ll have to work on the exterior of the house to paint the frames, clean them, and so on.  Newer home windows for your Jacksonville, FL home are not going to require this level of attention.  This is because the windows are going to have vinyl frames instead of wood.  The idea with vinyl is that it is virtually maintenance free.  There is not much you will have to do with vinyl frames other than spray some water on them to wash them down from time to time.

New home windows really do a lot to helping ease the cleaning requirements that your windows bring.  If you have a home with older windows, you may want to reach out to a professional in the Jacksonville, FL area to see what new windows will do for you and your home.  Their benefits are not just confined to easier cleaning, but it is definitely a nice perk that they bring.