Fiberglass doorThanks to the emergence of fiberglass, front door replacement has become much simpler. It seems like yesterday that the only options for a front door were steel, aluminum and wood. Thank goodness for advancements! If you were replacing a front door a few decades ago, your choice of styles would be very limited and the price would be much higher.
With the much needed introduction of fiberglass into the material choices, replacement is easy and budget-friendly. There’s no wonder so many people are choosing fiberglass for their front door instead of other materials.

Budget Friendly Price

Most of us have to stick to a budget, especially when it comes to home improvement. Although steel is the cheapest material for your front door, it’s typically the most undesirable. Steel doors can be loud, damage easily and aren’t very attractive. Right behind steel is fiberglass, which gives all of the benefits of a wood door at a fraction of the price. Hey, if a wood door is your desired look, you can accomplish it with fiberglass. Fiberglass is easy to aesthetically personalize.

Virtually Maintenance Free

If you own a home, you’re likely familiar with the insane amount of maintenance and money that goes into the up-keep. It seems as if there’s always something in the house or yard that needs to be repaired, replaced or renovated. When you opt for fiberglass, you’re signing up for a maintenance-free front door. Fiberglass doesn’t need to be constantly repainted or restained like a wood door and doesn’t warp or crack from the hot summer heat. If you’re wise enough to go the route of a fiberglass front door, the only maintenance you’ll do will involve a quick wipedown with cleaner and a rag.

Style Options Galore

When it comes to styling your new fiberglass front door, you may even get a little overwhelmed! Endless customization options means you can achieve the exact look you’ve been dreaming of. You can paint the door any texture or color you choose. If personalization is a priority for you, you’ve just found your answer.
Fiberglass continues to be the #1 option for Jacksonville homeowners when it comes to front door replacement. When homeowners call about replacing their front door, more and more are leading the conversation with questions about fiberglass. People are beginning to realize the numerous benefits of fiberglass doors, and smart homeowners are taking advantage of it left and right. When you’re sick and tired of the stresses associated with your wood or steel front door, give us a call about a fiberglass front door installation.