People have very different opinions when it comes to the absolute essentials of a dream house. From the size of the kitchen island to the installation of an infinity pool, not many people can agree on the aspects of a perfect house. But, we’re pretty sure everyone would opt for updated, functioning windows in their new home to keep their space cool and comfortable. Here’s a shortlist of home amenities and necessities you just can’t miss out on:


Updated Kitchen and Bathroom


We put these two in the same category because they completely go hand in hand. Often, people even use the same countertops in their bathrooms that they did in the kitchen! These are incredibly important spaces in your home that all of your guests will see. There are a million different ways to go when designing your spaces, but the end goal is that everything looks clean and updated.


These rooms set the tone for the rest of your home, so it’s pretty obvious why they’re prioritized in the design and renovation process. When you make your budget, it’s completely understandable if these areas get a little more attention!


New Windows


New windows are another no-brainer when designing your dream house. They’re one of the very few features that affect the appearance of the interior and exterior of your home. New windows can make the outside of your house look cleaner and updated, while they make the inside look brighter and more welcoming. Not to mention the improved energy efficiency and protection from UV rays that come standard with new windows!


Updated Doors


Exterior doors should also be prioritized when making your dream home checklist. One door can set the whole tone for your home, especially since it’s often the first impression you leave your guests. Aside from curb appeal, updated doors will immediately provide improved function, security and energy efficiency.


Big Master Bedroom


Although your guests won’t be seeing this room of your home, it’s the place you’ll be spending a good portion of your time. This room needs to be large enough to accommodate your belongings, look beautiful and feel comfortable. There’s no reason you should compromise on one of the most important rooms when designing your dream house.


Outdoor Features


A great thing about living in Florida is the beautiful weather we have nearly year-round. The smart thing to do when you live in paradise is constructing an outdoor living space that allows you to take advantage of the constant sunshine and ocean breeze. Start brainstorming ideas for your backyard such as a pool, outdoor kitchen or patio, then get to planning!


A dream home should meet the vision in your head and exceed the ideas on your Pinterest board. If the home you’re purchasing or redesigning has outdated doors and windows, American Window Products is here to take care of the job. We’ve helped many clients bring their dream home to life, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.