2016 was unpredictable and ever-evolving when it came to home designs and their detailed predictions. It was difficult to gauge what consumers wanted and what professional home designers would focus on. 2017 is shaping up to be a bit more clear as to what we can expect to see regarding home design trends. Some of the tried-and-true elements remain, such as window replacement projects taking precedent. But don’t get us wrong, there will surely be a few exciting twists on traditional home improvement tasks.


The trend for 2017 is going to be the adoption of the unusual. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to push the boundaries of the home design process. They want something unique and not just the cookie cutter upgrades and design improvements that everyone else in the neighborhood has already done. With that said, let us dig a bit deeper into some real predictions for 2017.


Big, Bold Colors


The first prediction is that big and bright colors are going to take over. We are starting to see homeowners adding an immense amount of color to the home.  When replacing siding, the standard white or light blue colors that you’ve seen for years are becoming obsolete. Bolder colors are starting to be incorporated, with trim that stands out just as much.  


The colors in the interior of the home will follow suit. Our window replacement professionals see it in this space as well. Window frames and shutters are being dressed up with unique colors that, a few years ago, were not typically used on the exterior or interior of the home.


Open Space


Open floorplans have never been more important to homeowners and that’s not going to change anytime soon. When people are designing their layout or shopping for furniture, they’re often doing so with the maximization of space in mind. Gone are the days of the oversized couch! Home designers see these requests more than ever as homeowners try to de-clutter and make the most of their space.


Traditional Projects With a Twist


We are seeing traditional projects, such as the replacement of exterior doors or window replacement to boost curb appeal or energy efficiency, remain very popular among homeowners. These projects are requested with more frequency than ever, but homeowners are beginning to have unique requests. The color schemes and window placement are all new for 2017, and we’re ready to embrace it. These new window designs are fresh and make homes stand out. The days of every home having identical windows are over.


Designing the Smart Home


Smart homes aren’t just a dream we see on the big screen. The tech industry is doing big things to make our living spaces smarter and more advanced. We’re seeing more and more appliances designed to connect to the internet and communicate with one another and with you. Thermostats and security systems can be controlled by your phone, while refrigerators and pantries can send you a list of items you need from the grocery store. These impressive smart devices are doing a lot to improve the lifestyle of homeowners.


Home design predictions are getting more exciting as the years pass. We love the way the industry is moving, and we can’t wait to embrace the design preferences of homeowners this year. Our expert team at American Window Products is here to help you with any window or door installations you might need, just reach out to us with your vision!