When you purchase a home you get exactly what you pay for. Unless previously agreed upon, that cracked kitchen counter is still going to be cracked after you move in. If the home you buy has weird window placement, your only real option is to make it work. If the window is old or unattractive, a simple choice is to replace the window. Although the placement of a window can’t be easily changed, it can certainly be embraced. We’ll give you a few ideas for working around oddly placed windows.


Oddly placed windows are more common than you think in homes across the state of Florida. Excessive or oddly shaped windows are most common. Our team at American Window Products has seen it all, which has allowed us to be creative with solutions we offer our clients. Here are a few of our best suggestions for oddly placed windows in your home:


Make the Window Bigger


One of the best ways to address this common problem is to make the window bigger and manipulate the shape. Our team can expand the window to whatever size and shape you desire, then install an updated window that’s complementary to your home. Making the window bigger or changing its shape can help make the oddly placed window look more uniform for the entire home. Our window professionals can offer you ideas for solving this problem that you might not have previously considered.




Shutters are an easy way to make oddly placed windows more appealing. A window that has been oddly positioned in the top right corner of a home can be complemented and camouflaged with shutters and better blended with the rest of the home’s exterior. A good design tip is for all the shutters to match, which will take the focus off of the windows and onto your brightly-colored door or long walkway.


Window Boxes


Window boxes are a cool way of embracing the problem instead of masking it. Bright flowers and natural greenery will make the window placement feel deliberate instead of awkward. In fact, a window box is a fun DIY project to take on this spring! Simply install your new window box below the window, add soil and pretty flowers then regularly tend to your mini-garden.


Weird windows can be easily managed, and we hope we’ve provided you with some awesome solutions. Our role at American Window Products goes far beyond repairing and replacing windows. We’re here to offer design ideas, maintenance tips and plenty of other advice. Our goal is for you to love your windows!