As a homeowner, it’s likely you’ve experienced damage to your house. The windows are especially susceptible to the harsh conditions of Mother Nature or any other destruction. When you think of a powerful force like hail, it doesn’t take much for your windows to crack or shatter.


When homes undergo window damage, the owner’s first instinct is to call their insurance company. If you have homeowners insurance, it’s valuable to understand your insurance policy and coverage in the event of damage. Gaining this understanding and knowing your insurance policy before an issue arises is the best way to avoid any expensive surprises.


Why’s the Window Damaged?


The first thing to thing to think about before you file a claim is what caused the window damage. The majority of insurance policies cover events known as “acts of God,” like hurricanes and tropical storms. Flying debris is also typically covered.


In the event that the damage was caused by a person and not weather, it’ll most likely still be covered by your insurance. What won’t be covered is damage as a result of negligence. For example, if you trim your trees and a branch shatters a window, the damage likely won’t be covered.


What’s Your Deductible?


Also, it’s important to know the specifics of the deductible included on your homeowners’ insurance policy. If you don’t know your deductible, it’s wise to do some research. Say you have a deductible of $1,000 on your homeowners’ insurance policy, but the damage to your windows and the cost to repair or replace them is only $750. That means, since your deductible wasn’t met, you’re not going to get any money back for the damage caused. In this case, you’re likely better off just fixing it on your own instead of filing a claim that’ll drive up your premium in the future.


In the event, the damage is so severe that you need several windows replaced at a high price tag, then filing a claim is going to make sense. Once you have a professional, like American Window Products, come out and give you a quote for the repair, you can run it by your insurance company and what they give is the difference between the cost, minus the deductible. If the window replacement costs $3,500 and the deductible is $1,000, you will get $2,500 back from your insurance company.


When Will I Need To Pay?

Regular wear and tear isn’t usually covered by insurance due to the idea that it’s normally under your responsibility to maintain and keep up with your windows, as a homeowner. Even if the window damage is within the outlines of your insurance policy coverage, you might not be eligible to make a claim. Due to your deductible, you’ll likely always need to fork out some cash when you need repairs. The total cost for your window replacement might not exceed your deductible. Whether your policy covers the damage or not is a moot point in cases like these.


What Do Window Damage Costs Look Like?


The costs to process a claim are about equivalent to a claim right after a major disaster such as fire, or a small one like a broken window. Typically, window replacement costs are high. It all depends on how much damage is sustained, the structure and the frame. The cost of a replacement window can easily reach $500. In a case where the window shatters to your interior, the cost of cleanup will push costs higher.


It all boils down to what caused the damage when it comes to whether or not your insurance company will cover it. In most cases, except for negligence, you’ll be in pretty good shape. Before any damage strikes, spend some time analyzing your homeowners’ policy so you’re familiar with and aware of the coverage.