Homeowners just like you are often at a loss when it comes to beginning the window replacement process. In fact, many people go most of their adult lives without even thinking about new windows. Sometimes, you just have no choice but to invest. The good news is, it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make. 


From lower utility bills to improved temperature regulation in your home, new windows boast plenty of unparalleled benefits. Here’s a simple guide on what happens during the installation process to ease your nerves before you make the big decision. It’s our goal to fully equip you with the most important info so you can make a confident purchase. 

Your Guide to a Low-Stress Window Replacement

Step 1: Our team of experts makes sure you truly need a replacement (and not just a repair)

Our window professionals aren’t here to earn a commission and sell you windows. After you schedule your free estimate, one of our trained installers comes out to your home to recommend your next steps. If you’re unsure about scheduling that first appointment, here are a few clear signs your windows are due for replacement.


– Condensation build-up on and inside the glass is one of the most important indicators. Foggy windows often mean mold growth and costly energy bills.

– Expensive energy bills are often the result of outdated or damaged windows. Drafts, condensation and single-paned windows are all linked with high maintenance costs. 

– Nonfunctioning windows are a clear characteristic of broken, outdated windows. Basic window functionality, like locking and lifting, is essential to the safety of your home. 


If one or more of these characteristics sound familiar, it’s important to schedule that estimate sooner than later. The short term investment for new windows saves significant money in the long run. Chat with an expert to evaluate the state of the windows in your home. 

Step 2: Work with us to choose windows that meet the needs of your family and home

You have endless choices when it comes to your new windows. Between the wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t work with an expert. We’re here to help you select a design that works for the interior and exterior of your home. When it really comes down to it, windows are the only home investment that affects the total look of your house. 


The last thing we want is for you to stress over such an exciting purchase! Find peace of mind working with a window company trusted by so many of your Jacksonville neighbors for 36+ years. We’re here to make your decision on replacement windows as easy and painless as possible. 

Step 3: Understand your new windows’ energy-efficient ratings

Windows and doors are responsible for nearly 70-percent of home energy loss. Think about that for a second. Poorly insulated windows can cost you thousands of extra dollars per year on your utility bills. When you think about it that way, the initial investment is a no-brainer.  


If high energy bills are a source of frustration, the primary characteristic you should look for in new windows is a low U-value. The lower the U-value, the less energy loss your home will experience. 


Another important aspect when you select windows is a low solar heat gain (SHG) rating. If you consider both of these ratings while you work with window professionals, you’ll enjoy the benefits of year-round energy efficiency. 

Step 4: Finally, decide which windows look great and offer the right benefits

Every single homeowner has a window that’s juuuust right for them. We put a lot of consideration into pairing your family with a window that offers the perfect combination of appearance, energy efficiency and affordability. Your choice begins with selecting between vinyl, aluminum or wood frames. Every option comes with its own set of benefits. 


  • Vinyl Frames: weather-resistant (important during the Jax storm season!), durable, secure, fade resistant
  • Wood Frames: great insulation, eco-friendly


Vinyl is the most popular choice for Jacksonville homeowners because it’s long-lasting, customizable and low-maintenance. 

We’re Here to Make the Purchase and Installation as Simple as Possible

The American Window Products team offers the best set of knowledge and expertise to help you confidently invest in new windows. It’s our job to take care of the hard work and heavy lifting. Over the last few decades, we’ve built a reputation in the Jacksonville community for trustworthiness and expertise. Also, our prices are the best you can find!


Not sure if replacement windows are the right next step for you? Take our quick quiz to help you find an answer. Chat with our team today to discuss your many options. We can’t wait to work with you!