The whole kitchen update process has become too standardized.  We often think of a kitchen update as the process we go through to replace cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances. There is so much more to a kitchen update than just that.  You can get creative and find new ways to update your kitchen to make it unique!  Go from wallpaper to windows in your Orange Park FL kitchen and create a whole new space!


Adding Windows to the Kitchen

One of the best ways to get creative about a kitchen update is to add windows.  We often rip down wallpaper and go over old paint with the idea of updating the kitchen.  Do you have enough natural light in your kitchen already, or does it come across as a dark and gloomy space?  Why not make the most of it by adding windows to the kitchen, giving it more of an open-air feel?

Instead of ripping down wallpaper to replace it or painting over what’s there already, think about working with us at American Windows to add windows to your Orange Park FL home.  We can help to update your kitchen so that the natural light can shine in and the space can feel that much more free flowing.


Sliding Doors

Do you have a kitchen that is on the ground level of your home or one that leads out to a deck?  Why not try replacing a window that you have already there with a sliding glass door?  That way, you can open the sliding glass door and head right out to the deck or patio near the home.  Sliding doors can help to make a kitchen feel as though it is fully remodeled without doing anything more than just making the window slot a bit bigger and putting a door in its place.


Window Treatments Go a Long Way

Window treatments also go a long way in helping make a kitchen much more inviting.  You may not have to replace any of the windows in your Orange Park FL home. You may have just to decorate them a bit more!  If you have a bay window, think about adding shutters or a valance to make it more appealing.  Contemplate things such as a flower arrangement on window sills.  Little additions such as these are creative, and rather inexpensive ways to update your kitchen.


Kitchen updates are all about thinking outside of the box.  You can do more than just replace wallpaper or paint, and you are certainly not limited to swapping out cabinets and countertops.  Think decor and use the space that you have from a creative standpoint as your canvas. Make the most of it!  When it is all said and done, our team of professionals with windows in Orange Park FL will be here to assist with whatever path you choose to take.  Open up your imagination and come up with new ways to make that kitchen feel brand new.