When it comes to getting your house ready for winter we understand you might be more focused on your fireplace than your windows, but once you’re roasting chestnuts on your open fire, you might want to refocus your energy on your windows. Quality winterized windows can be the secret to maintaining a light energy bill and a lean pocketbook. It’s important when evaluating your windows to know how they will perform during the winter months, as this is when they will be put to the test the most. Think your windows might not hold up to the harsh elements of the winter season? It might be time to for a replacement. Drive around Jacksonville and you’ll see many old wood windows. While wood windows are traditional, switching to vinyl windows could be a smarter economical decision.




A huge reason vinyl windows are preferable during the winter and even year-round is because they are long lasting. Vinyl is a processed material, so it’s not susceptible to a lot of the problems you’d come across with organic wooden windows. Vinyl materials are much less likely to crack than wooden windows. Not only do wooden windows crack, but they’re also more likely to endure significant problems like rotting and even termite damage. Unfortunately, problems like these are not uncommon in Florida. Don’t worry though — implementing vinyl eliminates virtually all of these issues. With increasing improvements, the modern vinyl window is incredibly durable. When you shop around, make sure you look for the kind that comes with a warranty and is 100% virgin vinyl.




The most significant reason for wanting to switch to vinyl windows is because of the functionality. To be honest, if it were five years ago, we probably wouldn’t be recommending these types of windows to you. Nowadays, technology has gotten better and better, surpassing those of other materials. While aluminum windows hold up to cold weather spectacularly, it is very expensive to buy aluminum windows, so you might as well go with the cheaper option especially if it’s just as effective. Modern vinyl windows often have a honeycombed and hollowed inner core that traps air and increases insulation. They also have an Energy Star rating, which is proof of their energy efficiency. Vinyl windows come in so many different varieties. You can have them triple paned to keep more heat in, and you can even implement gas inserts that boost the thermal quality of your windows. The old vinyl windows were hollow and flimsy. Nowadays, the vinyl windows we install have heat welded joints that provide a strong, long-lasting structure that is guaranteed to withstand whatever winter blows at you. Not to mention, when the sun finally comes out after a rainy day, you won’t have a problem opening and closing vinyl windows to enjoy the fresh air.


Curb Appeal for the Holidays


Okay, so now you know they work well, but don’t you want your windows to look good? We doubt your Aunt Carol is going to inspect the durability of your windows when she comes home for the holidays. She’s going to take one look at them as she walks up to your house and either compliments them or gossip about them at Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you don’t have an Aunt Carol, chances are you still care about how your windows look, and you should. Curb appeal is important and it adds value to your home. When it comes to aesthetics, you have a variety of options with vinyl windows. Want the look of traditional wooden window frames? You got it. Want slick white vinyl frames, double-paned? Of course. You can customize your vinyl windows to fit any theme. The best part about vinyl frames is that you can get them in virtually any color. There are over 80 different shades. Unlike painted wooden frames, these colors won’t fade and chip over time.


Convinced yet? These frames are cheap, durable, functional and stylish. What more could you ask for? The only thing you should be asking is how soon you can get them installed. Here’s our answer: the sooner the better. When the winter rolls around, you’ll want your windows installed and in full working order. If you are iffy and you think you want to get some installed, talk to us! We would love to help. We’ll stand by your side and walk you through the process every step of the way because it’s what we love to do. We can guarantee that when you do decide to implement vinyl windows you’ll be happy you did.