Replacing the windows of your home isn’t something that you probably want to think about, but you should. At some point, you’re going to have to pay attention to your windows outside of opening them, closing them and occasionally cleaning them. There are telltale signs that your windows need replacement, and the more you pay attention to them, the easier it is to get them up to par. Replacing aging windows with vinyl windows is a no-brainer once we explain the many benefits:


Summer Breezes Inside Your Home

One of the most prominent signs that you’re in need of window replacement is that you’re finding your home is hotter than ever. Feeling warm inside during the summer months is a huge red flag! If you’re no longer comfortable in your home, it could be due to aging windows that no longer insulate your home. As windows age, the glass deteriorates and they lose their seal, making it very easy for air just to pass through.


Feeling a Window Crack Draft

If you feel a breeze from outside coming right through your windows, that’s the first sign that you have a draft problem. What happens when you get heavy rains? Have you noticed any leakage around your window seals? These are signs that your windows need special attention. Our vinyl window installation team can size up new windows for you to help you get rid of these problems in a flash.


The typical fix for a leak or a draft coming through your window is to recaulk. Our team of window repair professionals have seen these issues too many times and can quickly diagnose problems like these. As soon as you notice signs of deterioration, act fast! Procrastinating the issue will only make the problem worse. The sooner you take care of the problem, the sooner you’ll be comfortable in your home again.


Cracked Frames

Older windows typically have wood frames. Unfortunately, wood frames tend to rot over time, so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of damage over time. When you notice signs of rotting or cracking, it’s bound to lead to leaks and drafts. Cracked frames that allow water to pass through may result in mold growth and swollen wood over time.


Cracked Glass

Have you noticed any cracks in your windows? Glass, just like any other material, wears down as time goes by. As the years pass on and the heat of the sun continues to beat down on the glass, it’ll weaken it. The more the glass softens, the more likely the glass will crack. That’s why some older windows break just by opening or closing it. It’s not because of brute force; it’s just because the glass has become so worn that it doesn’t have much support anymore.

It’s up to you as a homeowner to notice the telltale signs that your windows need attention. Brand new vinyl windows are an excellent investment for your home. They help your home in an aesthetic sense by improving upon the curb appeal of the home, as well as the appeal on the interior. Additionally, they insulate your home which leads to reduced energy bills and a consistently comfortable home. Our team of professionals at American Window Products is happy to help you determine the issue and a quick resolution.