What is the state of your home window security? When you go to sleep at night, are you confident your windows would keep out an intruder? Have you ever considered windows as a possible vulnerability to the safety of the home? If not, it is time to revisit the window security topic! Our team of home window repair professionals in Jacksonville, FL have helped improve home window security, and we can help you too!


Window Locks


Do your windows have locks? Do those locks work? Window locks sound like an obvious security aspect for your windows, but they do not always function as intended. As windows age, their ability to lock becomes too worn out to provide any safety. It is up to you to be sure window locks are working.


Adding Locks for Open Windows


Window locks should also allow you to secure the windows in multiple locations. You want to be able to lock your windows whether they are opened, or closed. Being able to leave them open by about six inches or so and locking them into place is valuable. You do not want to leave your home vulnerable just because you want the windows opened!


Glass Strength


What is the age of your windows? Is the glass strong enough where it would be able to withstand a bang, a smash up against it? Glass strength is huge when talking about the security of the home. If you have windows with weak glass, it is going to be quite easy for an intruder just to find an entryway into the home.


Call on home window repair professionals like us. We can work to inspect the glass of your Jacksonville, FL windows to give an opinion on its strength. Our determination can help you decide if you need to think about replacing aging windows in favor of newer, more secure set-ups.


Privacy Glass


Adding privacy glass to windows can also prevent someone from the outside from seeing in. If they cannot see inside, there may not be the same level of intrigue for them to break into the home. Privacy glass can help keep you safer by making the home less accessible.


Home Alarm Systems


Adding a home alarm system with contact sensors on the windows is also beneficial for safety. The contact sensors will alert you if a window is opened. Glass break detectors can also help to make you aware if someone has broken your window’s glass to gain entry.


Home window repair jobs we routinely complete often involve a security aspect. What good is a window if it just allows anyone to enter and leave it at their will? There has to be safety included in any window installation or repair at your Jacksonville, FL residence! If you have not thought about window security lately, the time is now! Call on our team to help inspect and repair your windows as necessary to make the more secure.