bigstock-Dining-Room-In-New-Constructio-5194031.jpgMost homeowners take pride in their house, and that means they’re always looking for ways to improve and maintain it. One of the most obvious ways to improve the appearance and efficiency of your home is through a window replacement. Not only do outdated windows do a poor job of insulating your home (which we all know is extremely important in Jacksonville), but they begin to look cracked and warped. Replacing old windows is a project worth your while, but you shouldn’t just replace them with any window. Low-E glass is the way to go, and here’s why:

When homeowners reach out to us about window replacements, we almost always recommend Low-E glass because of its countless benefits. You’re probably wondering why this type of glass is so incredible…well from the way it’s installed to the money it saves you, we’re not even sure where to begin!

Low E Glass Coating

Contrary to what you might think, Low-E glass isn’t a type of glass, it’s a coating applied to a pane of glass. Once the invisible coating is applied, the benefits ensue. Unfortunately, the coating can’t be applied to windows that have already been manufactured and installed. The Low-E coating must go on the inside of the glass.

Reflecting Heat

One of the most exciting benefits of Low-E glass, especially in Florida, is the incredible job it does of insulating your and increasing the energy efficiency. The coating reflects heat, meaning it won’t leak into your home. During 100 degree Jacksonville summers, this couldn’t be more important! You definitely want your home to stay as cool as possible while keeping your AC costs low, and Low-E glass is the way to do it.

The clear coating is basically a shield, blocking the interior of your home from the intense sunshine. When hot UV rays beat down on your windows, the Low-E coating fights off the hot and dangerous heat.

UV Ray Protection

The UV rays are another big problem that homeowners should consider, especially if you have valuable furniture or decor inside your home. UV rays will quickly make carpets, paintings and furniture fade, which is easily avoidable with Low-E glass installation. Not only will the sun do damage to the interior of your house, it can harm you and your family. Extended exposure to UV rays isn’t good, and no one wants to get a sunburn while they’re watching TV on the couch!

No Extra Maintenance

One of the first questions people have about Low-E glass is whether or not any additional maintenance is required. Simple answer, no! You won’t have to clean the windows with a special chemical and no need for extra service visits.

The benefits of Low-E glass are well-known by anyone with knowledge in this industry, and the team at American Window Products believes in the benefits. We’ve installed them in homes all across North Florida, and we’re so excited to help you improve your home.