Things to Remember When Choosing Windows for a Kids Room

kid’s room


It can be quite difficult to nail down which windows are going to be perfect for various rooms within the home. You may think that there is a one size fits all approach that you can take with new windows, but that is certainly not the case. There are going to be special considerations that you are going tow ant to make when choosing kids’ room windows in your Ponte Vedra FL home. You’ll want to be thinking about security, Low-E glass and whether or not that makes sense, among other things.


We at American Window Products have seen this process time and time again and here are things to remember, so the windows in your kids’ room are ideal.


The Ability to Lock the Windows in Place


Security is something that you want to be certain of when you are talking about kids’ room windows in your Ponte Vedra FL home. You want to be able to open the windows to your kid’s room, but you also want them to be secure. In the olden days, you could only lock windows when they were fully closed. That has changed as windows have become more advanced. Make sure that the windows that you are going with are going to allow you to lock them in various locations. If you want to leave the window open 12-inches or so and then lock it, be sure you have the ability to do that.


The benefits that you get from this are two-fold. Once, you have security in knowing that no one is going to be able to sneak into the room of your children due to the window being opened and, in theory, unlocked.  Second, kids like to play with windows, and they are not going to be able to open and close them on their own when the window itself is locked in place.


Low-E Glass for Added Safety


Low-E glass is another consideration that you are going to want to make for the windows in your Ponte Vedra FL kids’ room. Low-E glass is a protective coating that is placed on the inside of the glass of windows.  When the coating is applied, it is going to work to act as an added layer of protection from the sun and the harmful UV rays that it can shoot down. The coating is impressive in how it works as when UV rays bear down on it, it shoots them backward, away from home. Low-E glass can help to protect kids and their furniture and such from the sun’s rays being so strong, bearing down on them. Jacksonville Low-E glass solutions are offered by our professionals with all of the windows we sell.


Window Placement


Window placement is also something you want to consider, especially as you are trying to figure out the layout of the kids’ room. If this is a bedroom, think about where the bed is going to go and in what relation it will be to the windows. Many parents do not want their kids sleeping next to an open window, for example. Planning this out ahead of time can help you avoid safety risks being presented.  


Children present a unique risks when you are talking about trying to figure the windows that will be best for them. Remember that kids treat living spaces very differently than adults do. They look at a room and they get all of these adventurous ideas, thoughts to try things that we would have never even imagined.  That is the beauty of the imagination of a child, but it also poses unique risks that you are going to want to pay attention to as to replace the windows in your Ponte Vedra FL home.