bigstock-Quaint-Blue-Door-788990.jpgEvery home is unique, even if they’re built by the same developer or located in the same neighborhood. There are little nuances that distinguish homes from one another, and those details matter. If you have a farmhouse-style home, the new doors you consider will easily set you apart from your neighbors.

Right after security and functionality, style is a top priority when making home improvement decisions. When you choose a front door for your farmhouse home, it’s important the door continues the theme of the rest of the house. It’s important for all the details and fixtures to work together for a theme to be accomplished. For example, a modern, sleek door will clash with a farmhouse design. We’re here to help you achieve the look you’re going for!

Hints of Red

When it comes to farmhouses, shades of red on the exterior are practically a must. We’ve worked with plenty of customers who place an importance on installing a red door into their farmhouse-style home, which often ties the entire look together!

After you have the red door installed, you can play around with surround decor. Whether that be planting beautiful greenery, installing flower boxes or hanging a sign, the design options are practically endless. Your ultimate goal should be to incorporate accents that’ll complement your home’s theme.

Chalk Blue

Another great color option for the front door to your farmhouse is chalk blue. A light blue will perfectly complement the simplicity of your desired look, as well as look great behind a beautifully landscaped yard. Do a quick Google search to get some inspiration for this door color, and we have no doubt you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Matching Wood Door

Another option preferred by many homeowners is a coordinating wood door to go along with the exterior of their home. At first, this can sound a bit bland. But when the wood/brick + wood is done correctly, it’s an incredibly beautiful look. A wood and glass door, appropriately matched with the exterior, provides unbeatable curb appeal. You’ll also have more freedom to play around with colorful flowers and porch decorations!

Double Doors

A common choice made by many of our clients is to install a double door to complete their design. Double doors are often accompanied by iron hinges, which do a great job of achieving an old-fashioned look. Double doors are bold, but worth it,

Shopping for new doors is easiest when you have a professional guiding you through the process. Our team at American Window Product makes it our mission to make the process simple and enjoyable for our clients, from start to finish. If you have a farmhouse-style home, we’ll work with you to select the perfect door and install it perfectly to complete your theme.