Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Window glass with condensation, strong, high humidity in the room, large water droplets flow down the window, cold tone, natural water drops on window


Replacing the windows of your home are not something that you probably want to think about, but you should.  At some point, you are going to have to pay some attention to your windows outside of the opening and closing of them, cleaning them from time to time.  There are telltale signs that your windows need to be replaced and the more that you pay attention to them, the easier it will be to take action proactively to get them up to par.  Replacing aging windows with our new Jacksonville vinyl windows that we can install can be a no brainer once you are explained the many benefits.


The House is Heating Up

One of the biggest signs that you are going to need to think about replacing your windows is that you are finding your home is hotter than ever.  It can get steaming in those summer months, but does the interior of the home feel overly warm?  Has it reached the point where it is just not even comfortable?  It could be due to the windows that you have and the lack of insulation that they are going to be providing.  As windows age, they are going to lose their seal and the glass will also deteriorate, making it very easy for air just to pass through.


Feeling Drafts or Seeing Leaks

If you are feeling the breeze from outside coming right through your windows, even when they are fully closed, that means you have a draft problem.  What happens when you get heavy rains?  Have you noticed any areas where you have some potential leaks coming through from the rain outside?  Both of these things are signs that you are going to want to pay extra special attention to your windows to get them repaired or replaced.  Our Jacksonville vinyl windows installation teams can size up new windows for you to help you get rid of this problem in a flash.


Frames Cracking

Older windows are going to have frames that were likely made of wood.  The wood can rot out over time, so it is important to pay attention to what those window frames are looking like as the years go by.  When you notice the frames of the windows beginning to rot away, to crack, it is going to lead to the leaks and drafts that we discussed above.  Frames that are allowing water to pass through may result in mold growth and expansion over time as well.


Cracked Glass

Do you have any windows where the grass has become fully broken in spots?  Glass, just like virtually any other type of material out there, is going to wear down as time goes by.  As the years pass on and the heat of the sun continues to beat down on the glass, it will weaken it.  The more that the glass is softened, the easier it is going to be for that glass to crack.  That is why you may find that you break and an old window just by opening or closing it.  It is not because of brute force; it is just because the glass has become so worn that it does not have much support any longer.


Brand new Jacksonville vinyl windows are a great investment for your home.  They can help your home in an aesthetic sense by improving upon the curb appeal of the home, as well as the appeal on the interior.  They will also help you regarding insulating the home.  This can lead to reduced energy bills month to month and a more comfortable home.  Our team of professionals at American Window Products can come out to your home and size you up for new windows quickly.  It is up to you as a homeowner, though, to notice the telltale signs that your windows need attention.