Decorating your front porch year-round is a great idea. The front porch is an area where guests should be greeted. It is also a spot which adds curb appeal to the home. Bring color to your front porch and unique style to make the main entryway as welcoming as possible. Take care of your entry door, have window repair jobs done when needed.  We are here to help highlight some tasteful year-round additions to any porch.


Create a Farmer’s Market


You can create a farmer’s market style to the front porch with ease.  Get a few troughs so you can fill them up with herbs and flowers, The idea here is to create a great visual with lots of colors.  You will also get to enjoy all of the smells that go along with it.


Vintage Displays


Use vintage items to create some great decorative displays.  Use a vintage wagon or a sled as a planter.  You can also use old soda crates to create a presentation for succulents.  


Rolling Carts


Have an old rolling cart around?  Utilize it to hold all sorts of decor and be the centerpiece of the front porch.  You can mix in seasonal decorating pieces like potted plants and flowers.  As each of the seasons goes by, just swap in and out the different decor.




The flag is a classic decorative tool that you can mount off of the porch.  Have a flag for each season so as the weather changes, so does the tone of the porch.


Wreaths on the Door and Windows


Hang a beautiful wreath or set of wreaths on both the front door as well as the windows.  Before you hang a wreath on your windows, be sure they are in adequate shape to hold.  If not, let our window repair team in Jacksonville assist!  You can create a wreath on your own or purchase one already decorated to bring the porch together.




Adding furniture to the front porch can also serve as decor.  Vintage furniture is always the right call, as is wicker.  The furniture will dress up the porch and bring a way to sit around it, to enjoy everything that space offers.  Front porches are made to be sat on, enjoyed.  With furniture you can create that reality!


The fort porch of a home is the first thing anyone will set their eyes on when pulling up.  First impressions matter when visiting a home. That vibe you get as soon as you pull up to the entryway means a lot.  Whether you are inviting guests over or putting your home on the market, be sure the front porch is in tip-top shape.  If you need door or window repair work, we are here for you.  If you just need advice decorating the porch year-round, we can be your Jacksonville resource as well!