Normally, sunlight just pours through your windows without a care. But, there are so many ways you can decorate them to still let sunlight in without overheating a room. With summertime upon us, you can decorate your windows creatively and stylishly while still being functional. Go above and beyond in your home this summer by using old windows to decorate. We have seen it all and have some great ideas to enhance your room’s design:


Floral, Light Curtains


If you have a room that doesn’t have the sun shining directly on it, try going with light curtains that have a bold floral arrangement. The curtains will accent the windows while acting as a backdrop for a floral arrangement to dominate the space. The bright floral colors will truly gain attention from both in and out of the home. Other designs that could go match the floral pattern are solid colored curtains from any one of the pattern’s colors and combining it with the original curtain.


Bare Naked Window


Another option that is certainly in summer’s mindset is to strip the windows of all curtains and shades. Instead of curtains, use the window sill to enhance design. Place plants, statues and decorative pieces along it. You can also decorate the glass with window cling art to create an impressive visual presentation. Your windows will surely stand out as the decorative pieces and art act as an aesthetic tag team while letting in plenty of positive light.


Bold Blackout Curtains


Who said you couldn’t be bold with curtains without letting sunlight in? Protect the inside of your home from harmful UV rays from the sun while being stylish with bold blackout curtains. These curtains are going to be heavier than conventional curtains, but will keep your room cool with creative designs. Bold summer curtain ideas include numerous solid colors you can combine, as well as amazing bright-colored patterns. These curtains also make the best atmosphere for a summer night movie at home.


Curtain Holdbacks with Flowers


A creative option that we don’t see too often, but is impressive is to hang flowers from your curtains. With light curtains on your window’s sides, use the middle of the curtain rod to attach stringed flower petals. Rather than placing flowers on the window sill, they can be more present in higher spaces.  If you have young children that would grab at the flowers on the window sills, this is a great unique alternative.


Liven Up the Sills with Plants


Using plants is another quality approach that can be taken to dress up your window sills. You can get a series of potted plants of all different types, colors, and styles. When you line them up, you can play with the height of the plants too. The idea here is to have the plants complement the window, not block it entirely, so it is about striking that delicate line, that balance point. Plants are always an easy and reliable way, though, to dress up this space.  


Candle Lined Sills


Candles are another quality option that can be used with window sills. Similar to the glass bottles and the plants, you want to get a series of candles that you are going to be able to line up along the sill.  You can have candles that have all sorts of different colors. Try to stick with the same series of scents, though, so that they do not clash with one another when you light them.


Sills Filled with Colored Glass Bottles


One of the easiest ways to dress up a window sill, and do so creatively, is actually to use a series of glass bottles. What you can do with these is to fill up each of the bottles with some water. Have some of the bottles be clear, while others you can add food coloring to to add color to them. The array of colors that you are going to bet from the different bottles will be breathtaking, to say the least. The other great thing here is the visual appeal you will get as light shines in, through the glass bottles, and into your home.


Repurpose Old Window Frames


You can take an old window, stain it with some paints and away you go with turning it into a window frame that you can hang right on the wall. Try adding some pictures to each of the areas of the glass on the windows as well to give it more of a collage look. The stain lets you match the window to the style of any room.  


Window Repurposed Chalkboard


Take your old doors or windows and hang them on a wall. Next, you’ll need chalkboard paint. Paint on the windows and doors and let it dry. Once it does, use them as a way to keep track of memos or use chalk to come up with some artistic presentations.


Corner Shelving


Take an old door and vertically cut it halfway down the middle. Take each half and have them meet in the middle in the corner of a room. Next, get some of the shelving that you can mount decor. You will end up with a very nice looking corner shelving display for plants and pictures, as well as other types of decor that you may want to show off.


Windows Turned Bookshelf


You can also use old windows to make a shelf for your books. Similar to the idea with the bar station, all that you have to do here is add some shelving. You can incorporate some backlight as well, it’ll be helpful so that you can find all of the books easily, even when you are sifting through the shelf at night.


Whether you’re decorating old windows or the windows you’re using in your home styling them for summer is a must. You can go with curtain fabrics that are ultra-light and more neutral, or you can go bold with big, blooming colors.  The possibilities truly are endless, and it’s up to you to use your imagination and your creativity to style your new and old windows for summer.