Stylish Ways to Dress Your Windows for Summer

A perfect neighborhood. Houses in suburb at Fall in the north America. Fragment of a luxury house with entrance door and nice window.


Normally, sunlight just pours through your windows without a care. But, there are so many ways you can decorate them to still let sunlight in without overheating a room. With summertime upon us, you can decorate your windows creatively and stylishly while still being functional. At American Window Products, we have seen it all and have some great ideas to enhance your room’s design:


Light Curtains and Floral


If you have a room that doesn’t have the sun shining directly on it, try going with light curtains that have a bold floral arrangement. The curtains will accent the windows while acting as a backdrop for a floral arrangement to dominate the space. The bright floral colors will truly gain attention from both in and out of the home. Other designs that could go match the floral pattern are solid colored curtains from any one of the pattern’s colors and combining it with the original curtain.


The Naked Window


Another option that is certainly in summer’s mindset is to strip the windows of all curtains and shades. Instead of curtains, use the window sill to enhance design. Place plants, statues and decorative pieces along it. You can also decorate the glass with window cling art to create an impressive visual presentation. Your windows will surely stand out as the decorative pieces and art act as an aesthetic tag team while letting in plenty of positive light.


Bold Blackout Curtains


Who said you couldn’t be bold with curtains without letting sunlight in? Protect the inside of your home from harmful UV rays from the sun while being stylish with bold blackout curtains. These curtains are going to be heavier than conventional curtains, but will keep your room cool with creative designs. Bold summer curtain ideas include numerous solid colors you can combine, as well as amazing bright-colored patterns.


Hanging Flowers


A creative option that we don’t see too often, but is impressive is to hang flowers from your curtains. With light curtains on your window’s sides, use the middle of the curtain rod to attach stringed flower petals. Rather than placing flowers on the window sill, they can be more present in higher spaces.  If you have young children that would grab at the flowers on the window sills, this is a great unique alternative.



Decorating your windows stylishly for summertime can be a great experience. You can go with curtain fabrics that are ultra-light and more neutral, or you can go bold with big, blooming colors.  The possibilities truly are endless, and it is up to you to use your imagination and your creativity to style your windows for summer.