Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Window Sills this Spring

Warm and comfy winter concept. Book, cup of tea and candlestick on wooden window sill in old house. Reading and relaxing in cold snowy weather at home. Quiet silent homely scene.


The window sills of your home are an area where you really can add a lot of character. You can do so in rather simple, inexpensive ways that allow you to be creative, flashing your imagination in new ways. The spring months are a great time to bring out your creative side, dress up your window sills in such a way that they stand out. Whether you are replacing your home windows, having a Jacksonville window repair job completed, or just have aging windows that need a facelift, decorating around the window sill is a quality approach.


Using Colored Bottles


One of the easiest ways to dress up a window sill, and do so creatively, is actually to use a series of glass bottles. What you can do with these is to fill up each of the bottles with some water. Have some of the bottles be clear, while others you can add food coloring to to add color to them. The array of colors that you are going to bet from the different bottles will be breathtaking, to say the least. The other great thing here is the visual appeal you will get as light shines in, through the glass bottles, and into your home.


Dress the Sills with Plants


Using plants is another quality approach that can be taken to dress up your window sills. You can get a series of potted plants of all different types, colors, and styles. When you line them up, you can play with the height of the plants too. The idea here is to have the plants complement the window, not block it entirely, so it is about striking that delicate line, that balance point. Plants are always an easy and reliable way, though, to dress up this space.  


Line the Windows With Candles


Candles are another quality option that can be used with window sills. Similar to the glass bottles and the plants, you want to get a series of candles that you are going to be able to line up along the sill.  You can have candles that have all sorts of different colors. Try to stick with the same series of scents, though, so that they do not clash with one another when you light them.  


Books and Pictures


You can also get creative in the way that you use both books and pictures to fancy a window sill as well. The books can sit on the ledge, while images can be displayed around the window sills. This can help to create a comfy, home-like vibe around the space. Whether you have new, aging, or Jacksonville window repair professionals on the way, any window can be dressed up like this.


Tea Pot Array


The teapot collection is another one that you do not want to forget about as it is ideal for any window sill, especially one that is located inside a kitchen or a dining room. Get a series of teapots that are all made up of different colors’ as well as sizes. Lining them up along the window sill can add color and creative flair to the otherwise ignored area of the space.


You want to spend some time to think about how you can get creative with your window sills. Give a lot of thought into things such as using glass bottles, teapots, among other unique options, candles, and plants included. We have seen it all when doing our Jacksonville window repair jobs, replacements, and other tasks. The more creative that people get, the more impressive that the window sills end up being overall.