It’s well documented that lead is a toxic material, highly dangerous.  Are you aware of the particular risks that it presents?  What impact can it have on the health of your family?  Our home window repair professionals in Jacksonville FL have seen homes with lead paint on many occasions.  We want to raise awareness so you can act to protect your family immediately.


Homes With Lead Paint


Do you have a home built between 1960 and 1978?  If so, you may have low levels of lead in the paint.  Homes that were built before 1960 probably have larger quantities of lead.  The best way to know if you have a lead paint problem is a test kit.  You can usually find these available at a hardware store.  Homes built after 1978 likely do not have lead, paint, but you never know until you test for yourself!


Danger to Young Children and the Elderly


Young children and the elderly are the most susceptible to lead paint problems.  Lead paint can chip off of the walls.  If absorbed into the body, it can cause damage to the brain as well also the vital organs.  Organs impacted by the lead paint can include the kidneys, nerves and blood.  


Children and the elderly are more vulnerable due to their immune systems being weaker.  Children are also more likely to put hands or other lead-contaminated objects into their mouths.  When the paint chips fall, children may play with the lead paint or consume it.  You want to do all you can to protect your family, and the answer is getting rid of the lead paint!


Behavioral Problems


Behavioral problems can also develop by coming in contact with the lead paint.  Learning disabilities, seizures and even death are the most common side effects of exposure to the toxic material.  Some of the early signs of issues with lead paint include numerous headaches.  If you are starting to get stomach aches, feeling more tired or nauseous all of the time it could be an indicator


Potentially No Symptoms


There is potential that children who end up poisoned with lead show no symptoms at all.  They may end up with a more devastating condition that appears rapidly.  No early symptoms may exist to help with the detection and medical treatment of the problem.  


Lead paint is nothing to mess around with.  There are plenty of scary risks of having lead-based paint in the home.  If you have lead paint, you want to have it taken care of.  Remediate the issue immediately!  We are the home window repair team that can work with you to eradicate lead paint in the home, for good!