Short answer -- absolutely. We’re not just being biased, either. The decision to invest in replacement windows for your home is one that pays off in important ways. Gorgeous homes all around Jacksonville have yet to reap the benefits of new windows. If your windows are eight-plus years old, there are a slew of improvements to windows you just can’t miss. Here are some of the most important ways new windows add value to homes around Jacksonville: 

A Clear Connection to Higher Resale Values

An up-to-date, well-maintained home is what many home buyers are looking for in Jacksonville. It’s rare to find a buyer who really wants a fixer-upper. Tasks, like installing new windows, updating the roof and replacing the floors, are the last things a new homeowner wants to do. 


If you plan to sell or refinance your home anytime soon, new windows add value to the overall valuation. A study by Zillow found that replacement windows are one of the most valuable home improvements to invest your money. The results of the study show you can expect to recoup around 80% of the cost of new windows. For example, investing $10,000 in new windows should yield a higher resale value of around $8,000. 

Noise Reduction is Crucial in Certain Parts of Jacksonville

Some of the most sought-after zip codes still come with a few downsides. Homes near Third Street at the Beach and by the busy roads near the downtown area often experience unwanted noise. If you can hear honking and chatter from the comfort of your living room, it’s time to explore your noise reduction options. 


One of the most cost-effective, straightforward ways to quiet unwanted noise is to update your windows. Double-paned windows are manufactured with airtight insulation to reduce drafts and noise flow. Even windows created five years ago don’t stack up to the noise reduction benefits of modern windows. 

Preserve the Appearance of Your Home from Harmful UV Rays

The Florida sun is a powerful force that wreaks havoc on homes, skin and furnishings. Just like you put sunscreen on at the beach, it’s imperative to find ways to protect your house from sun damage. White-washed paint, bleached furniture and poor temperature regulation are all clear signs your windows aren’t doing their job. 


Old single-pane windows do very little to keep your home and family safe from the intense Jacksonville sunshine. New home windows often come with features like Low-E glass to prevent UV rays from entering your house. Important improvements like this will prolong the lifespan of valuables in your house. 

Prevent Moisture and Mold Growth in Your House

One of the main problems homeowners experience with old windows is that moisture builds up between the panes and seeps into the interior crevices. It’s rare to find moisture in the home that doesn’t turn into mold growth. Unfortunately, mold can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a house and can difficult to spot in old houses. 


Don’t worry, we’re here with a glimmer of good news. New windows are a clear way to reduce the risk of mold growth and practically eliminate its potential for growth in new homes. Windows must be installed by a professional to get the airtight seal you need to keep mold from materializing. 

Improve Home Security

If we had to guess, your top priority is keeping your family safe and protective valuable assets inside your home. Outdated or broken windows are the most vulnerable areas of a house to intruders. Modern windows are equipped with top-quality locks and materials to prevent break-ins.


Windows with top security benefits should always be installed if you have ground-floor windows. If you must budget for just a few windows in your house to replace, we always recommend you start with the ones on the first floor. Lower floor windows are easier for burglars to reach and often get more use than upstairs windows. 

Discuss Your Upgrade Options with a Local Window Professional

The American Window Products team has proudly added value to homes around Jacksonville for over three decades. We work with homeowners like you to evaluate the state of their current windows and find the perfect replacement windows for their families.  


If you’re ready to experience these benefits and more, reach out to the American Window Products team today for your free estimate