Finding dust in your home is no fun. No matter how much you clean, it just keeps coming back! Dust is made up of all sorts of particles. You have pollen, fibers from clothing as well as paper that can accumulate. Dust can be annoying and also detrimental to the air quality. We at American Windows, your Jacksonville windows professionals, are here to give you some ways to cut down on dust in your home.


Cleaning the Sheets


One habit you want to get into is replacing the bedding every single week. You want to be cleaning your comforter, mattresses and sheets every seven days. Take care of your mattress and buy a cover protecting from allergens. The process of cleaning bedding will help prevent dust buildup.


Organize the Closet


Do you have items in your closet you haven’t touched in years? Why are they still in there? Clean out your closet and get it organized. Garments stored in a closet will let off a lot of fiber and can result in dust buildup. You want to have your closet cleaned so none of the fibers aggregate and spread outside of the closet. Using garment bags and plastic containers/boxes can assist!


Clean Windows and Doors


Be sure you are taking time to clean the windows and doors of your home. Instead of just using a feather duster, make use of a damp cloth. A feather duster is just going to move the dust around your home. A wet cloth will pick up the excess dust.


Avoid Carpeting


Carpeting in the home may look great, but they are a magnet for dust mites! Vacuum a carpet every single day. If you love your rug, try investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner you can use regularly.


Home Cleaning Tips


There is a method to the madness when it comes to cleaning your home. You want to start by cleaning the highest surface of the house first. Once you do this, all the dust falls down. As you move down, cleaning lower areas, the dust will continue to fall. Starting from the top and working your way down is the most efficient way to clean up dust.


Dust can be detrimental to household air quality for many reasons. Dust is a nuisance! The steps we have detailed out above can help you stay one step ahead. Continuous cleaning, along with proactive maintenance of specific areas of the home will help keep it dust free! Wash your home’s windows and perform other cleaning routines to assist in the process.