How to Protect Your Windows During Frequent Summer Storms

Woman cleaning water condensation on window, close up


We have a lot going on in our brains in the summer months.  We think about going on vacation, planning the next barbecue and hitting the beach.  Homes, outside of the landscaping that we all try to keep up with, tend to get neglected more in the summer than in winter.  We put off home improvement projects in favor of fun outside.  When it comes to summer storms, though, you want to keep your home and specifically, your vinyl windows in your Jacksonville FL home, protected.


Billions in Damage


Estimates from insurance companies have come out that nearly $20 billion every year is spent on recovering from homes damaged by thunderstorms.  If you live in Florida, you know the summer storms, even when brief, can be quite damaging.  A 15 minute rain can easily result in lost power and trees down that takes days to recover from.


Maintain Windows


Window maintenance is one of the most important things you can do from a protection standpoint.  If you have windows that have wooden frames, be sure that the frames are routinely painted.  If this is not a task you feel comfortable doing, work with us at American Window Products and we can assist.


Check on things such as the screens and the state of the glass.  A minor crack in an older window could lead to a completely shattered piece of glass once a severe gust of wind pushes up against it.  


Replacing with Quality


If your windows are simply too dated, replacing them with quality new vinyl windows in your Jacksonville FL home is the next best step.  Our team can have the windows sized up and ready for full replacement in short order.  You want to be proactive when it comes to replacing aging windows.  If you wait for them to break down, what you may find is more damage is done to your home than needed to be.  


Replacing your windows before they break completely or allow a leak to come through can prove valuable and also preventative.  Your insurance provider may also even offer discounts to you in exchange for having newer windows because of the lower risk of damage to them when big storms do blow through.


Shutters, Anyone?


Another often forgotten asset to help protect windows is that of shutters.  Hurricane shutters are recommended in Florida due to the protection they provide.  They can do a lot to keep debris, heavy winds and rain from smashing into the glass repeatedly during storms.  When you are replacing older windows with new vinyl windows in your Jacksonville FL home, consider shutters as well.


The team at American Window Products sees situations all of the time where damage could be prevented if windows were adequately protected.  Our team can help you be proactive by replacing your windows before damage is ever done.  We can contribute to set you up with shutters or even new vinyl windows for your Jacksonville FL home.