Moving into a new home comes with many choices. One of the decisions that must be addressed is window coverings. For residents in places like St. Augustine, FL, the decision of what window treatment to use must also factor in humidity, sunlight and heat exposure.


In Florida, homeowners must deal with the added humidity from proximity to the ocean and the southern climate. Also, Florida residents benefit from year-round warmer temperatures. While this adds to the appeal of Florida, it also means figuring out how to keep homes at an ideal temperature. One option for covering the windows in your home is adding drapes. Here are six pros and six cons to consider when adding drapes to your home’s décor.


Pros of Using Drapes in Your Florida Home


Protect Furniture from Sunlight

One of the benefits of hanging drapes is to protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage. The constant sunlight streaming in the windows can cause furniture or artwork to fade.


Ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays causes the most fading damage to furniture. By hanging drapes over your windows, you reduce the amount of ultraviolet light entering your home. This will extend the life of your furniture.


Get Better Sleep

Even at night, city light travel through your windows. The body produces melatonin when it is dark to trigger the brain for sleep. When too much light enters your bedroom, melatonin production is reduced.


By adding drapes to your bedroom windows, you can block out light and rest better. Also, windows are a great option for people who work at night and must sleep during the day. Blackout curtains work well to trick the brain into resting better in the daylight hours.


Temperature Control

Especially here in Florida, outside temperatures can be hot. Installing coverings to your windows will help keep out heat in the warmer months. The added insulation of drapes, especially blackout curtains, will help keep you home cooler. In the winter months, drapes will help block out cold air and keep your home warmer. This added protection will help save on your home’s energy bill.


Added Privacy

One of the best benefits of window treatments for your home is the added privacy. Drapes can be opened or closed to allow the light in or to block the view from outside. Especially at night when the lights are on inside your home, drapes offer protection against people seeing into your home. This added privacy will make your home feel cozier and more inviting in the evenings.


Noise Insulation

Just like drapes keep the outside temperature from permeating your home, drapes also insulate your home from outside noise. In many areas like St. Augustine, FL, tourist traffic can add noise to neighborhoods. By adding window treatments, you can reduce the impact of noise pollution.


Excess noise in your home can lead to negative health effects. This includes impacting your ability to sleep well. By adding drapes to your home and reducing the noise level, you may find you sleep better, increase your memory and lower anxiety levels.


Stylish Design

Installing drapes in your home adds to the decorative appeal. The options for drapes run from lower cost, big box store curtains to high-end, custom drapes. Based on your budget, you can choose what colors and fabrics look best in your home.


Cons of Using Drapes in Your Florida Home


Consider Alternatives

Drapes offer variety in design and style, but there are many other options for window coverings that may be more beneficial and add more value to your home.


One option to consider are Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Windows. These windows block the view into your home while allowing light through. They also provide a build-in decorative element.


Blinds Offer Better Value

When choosing window treatments for your home, consider adding blinds instead of drapes. The variety of blinds available will meet any homeowner’s needs. Options range from remote controlled, blackout blinds to low cost, self-installed blinds.


Blinds usually also increase the value of your home. When you are putting money into window treatments, it is worth it to consider how your decision will impact the long-term resale value of your home.


Allergy Impact

With drapes, dust and dander can easily collect leading to increased allergies. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, drapes may not be a good choice for your home. The added allergens may not be worth the benefits drapes offer.


You may also find that removing drapes from sleeping areas will help lessen the impact drapes have on your family’s allergies. Frequent cleaning may also help reduce the impact.


Hard to Clean

While drapes add to the décor, dirty drapes take away from the visual appeal of your home. Unfortunately, drapes are not easy to clean. Cleaning drapes are also expensive because most drapes must be professionally dry cleaned. To clean drapes, you must remove them, wash and iron, and then rehang. This is a lot of work and must be done at least once per year in order to reduce allergens and keep your drapes looking fresh.


Blocks out Natural Light

While one of the benefits is blocking out sunlight, a negative of drapes is the reduction in natural light. Some drapes can be difficult to open far enough to let in the natural light. While blinds can usually easily be opened, heavy drapes may be challenging.

Sunlight entering your home in the wi

nter can help keep your home warmer. Also, exposure to natural light during the day aids in your sleep cycle. It is also believed that natural light improves your mood and leads to higher productivity.



Drapes are an expensive addition to your home. Also, due to the design element of drapes, you may find that you will want to replace them more quickly than you would other types of window treatments. Often, other products like blinds, shutters or Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Windows offer a better long-term investment.


Regardless of the type of window treatments you ultimately decide on, you should consider the pros and cons of each product before you make your purchasing decision. For Florida homes in areas like St. Augustine, FL, your window treatment options should always take into account the heat and humidity. If you have questions about the windows in your home, contact American Window Products today.