How to Prevent Moisture from Seeping into Your Windows

Close up condensation on the window. Humidity.


The rain storms that we experience in Florida can be severe to say the least!  It can go from sunny to pouring rain in a matter of minutes, putting immense pressure on our homes.  The windows of your home, especially, take a beating year-round.  They get tasked with trying to keep the rain and other elements outside.  Every once in awhile, though, you are going to get into a situation where moisture seeps in.  How can you prevent this from happening? Whether you have older windows or new low E glass windows in your Jacksonville FL, it is more common of a problem than you think!


Inspecting the Windows Regularly


When was the last time you had your windows checked?  You want to have a professional come out to check on your windows at least every few years.  Check on the state of the windows and be aware if you have cracks in the frames and glass.  


Do you understand the state of your windows? Do you know how many panes of glass make them up, or at least their overall age to date?  These are all important things you want to keep top of mind. The older or more worn down the windows are, the more the opportunity increases for water seepage.


Seal up the Windows


The sealant around the windows, typically done with caulking, should be handled by a professional. Even if you had low E glass windows installed in your Jacksonville FL five or 10 years ago, the caulking might have to be replaced.  As the years go by, this is the first thing that is going to wear down.


Replacing the caulking sealant on the edges of the windows, where they meet the house, is a strong focal point area to prevent seepage. When the windows are appropriately sealed, it is going to be far less likely that moisture is going to make its way through.


Replace the Windows


Your windows may be at the point where they can no longer be repaired.  As windows age, they can deteriorate until they get to this state.  Once they are old enough, where moisture can seep right through without much being able to be done, you may want to replace them.  


The team can get you sized for new vinyl windows.  You may also want to consider low E glass windows for your Jacksonville FL home based on the benefits they provide.  


Water seeping in through your windows is nothing you want to mess around with or ignore.  It is a serious matter to care for your windows and prevent moisture at all costs from getting inside.  Moisture is what can lead to rotting, mold growth, as well as a slew of other issues.  We want to work with you to prevent this and we can do that through a variety of mechanisms, including a full blown window replacement project for your home.  Call us today to discuss your options and get a handle on your moisture seepage problem!