One of the most important aspects of winter prep is the insulation and window quality in your home. The obvious goal is to keep cold air out and warm air inside your Jacksonville home. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Your home’s energy efficiency can be a sore subject if the energy bills begin to rise. Whether you heat your home with a heat pump, oil, propane or another source of energy, you’ll have to spend money to keep your home comfortable. 


The American Window Products professionals are here to help you prepare before the cool weather rolls in. Here are a few of the most important reasons to protect your home with vinyl windows and how to prepare them:

Four Steps You Must Follow to Ensure Your Windows are Cold Weather Ready

  • 1: Check your window’s weatherstripping and replace any strips that appear worn
  • 2: Control the humidity in your home with fans or a dehumidifier
  • 3: Replace thin screens with durable storm screens
  • 4: Work with a professional to ensure your windows are durable enough to withstand harsh winter weather


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Key Reasons to Upgrade to Vinyl Windows

Multi-Paned Glass Keeps Moisture Outside

The first way new vinyl windows offer assistance in the insulation department is how they’re built. Two-to-three panes of thick, high-quality glass keep your home warm during the winter. Outdated single-paned windows leak air and result in high energy bills. Thanks to modern window construction, this is no longer the case.


Multi-paned glass is unique in its ability to regulate the temperature of your home and boost its energy efficiency. Here’s how it works: two-to-three panes of glass are sealed tightly together to create a thick barrier between the inside of your home and the outside. There’s no better investment that better regulates interior temperatures and protects your home and family. 

Upgraded Frames are Key to Reduced Air Flow

The frame material and quality of the installation are just as important as the number of panes. Lucky for you, modern window frames are solid and require minimal maintenance to reap the year-round benefits. No need to worry about cracked frames or deterioration from sharp dips in temperature.


Multiple panes of glass and durable frames are a dual-threat to strong windows, rain and cold weather. The better your windows are at maintaining energy efficiency, the lower your utility bills and the more comfortable your home. 

Make Sure Your Windows are Ready for the Drop in Temperature

A partnership with the American Window Products team is the most logical, cost-effective way to prep your home for Jacksonville’s cool weather. It’s smart to plan ahead instead of suffering through high energy bills and an uncomfortable home this winter. 


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Do you want to find out if your windows will withstand the cold temperature? We’re here to help. Reach out to our team today