The holidays are a wonderful time of year for Jacksonville residents. The mild yet chilly weather puts us in the right spirit without all of the uncomfortable freezing side effects. Unlike our friends in other parts of the country, our porches and patios can still get put to use during the winter. Are you making the most of the space year-round? The American Windows team is here with our tried-and-true enclosure recommendations to put your outdoor spaces to use in 2020.

Eco-Friendly Porch Windows

Hinged windows are one of the leading choices for porches and sunrooms. This option is divided into two categories: awning and casement. The one you go with comes down to the location of your sunroom and the size of the windows you need. Both have their own unique benefits. 


On one hand, awning windows open from the top. This allows hot air to escape from the bottom and rainwater to glide off the glass. Casement windows, on the other hand, are equipped with screens to block bugs and open from the side to create a breeze. 

Flowing Outdoor Curtains and Drapes

You have many choices when it comes to window installations. The one you choose all comes down to your style preference and lifestyle. Take a look at a few of the most popular options:


– Bamboo Shades: Adds a unique look to your home, blocks heat but still lets in natural light

Vertical Blinds: Less likely to collect dust, easy to operate, great for doors or windows that move left to right instead of up and down

Roman Shades: Great for privacy and to block sunlight, provide insulation

Curtains/Drapery: Countless functionality and appearance options, can provide blackout qualities

Sheer Curtains: Allow you to see outside your windows without letting others see inside your home

Venetian Blinds: Run horizontally across your windows, provide maximum privacy, can let in natural light as little or as much as you’d like


Wraparound Aluminum Screens

Aluminum screens (sans full window installation) are a budget-friendly option for Jacksonville homeowners. As a window company, we’re certainly biased toward installing the whole window unit for your porch or patio. If you want the perks of an enclosed patio without the total price tag, aluminum screens are a great option. 


Aluminum screens provide the feeling of added square footage and protection from insects. On the flip side, you’ll still have to bundle up during the chilly months! Aluminum screens provide zero insulation or security, which is important to note when making your decision. 

Partner with American Window Products on Your Patio Enclosure Project

The American Window Products team provides honest, fair and trustworthy window replacement advice to homeowners all around Jacksonville. No matter the season, we’re here with the expertise and product inventory you need to get the job done. 


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