Homes in Jacksonville, FL vary greatly in age. You could live in a centuries-old house in Ortega or a new construction home in Julington Creek. Just like the vastly different size, style and age of First Coast houses, the windows can be drastically different, too. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, it’s time to educate yourself on your wide variety of options. You’re in luck because the American Window Products crew is here to help. 

Your Need-to-Know Info on New Construction Windows

First things first, it’s important to talk the talk when shopping for new windows. New construction windows can also be referred to as full-frame replacement windows. Now, to the good stuff:


Did you come here for the cost breakdown? We thought so. New construction windows can often seem to be the cheaper option if you shop big box stores. Once you get home with your new purchase, you’ll quickly realize the cost to reconstruct the window opening to accommodate the new construction windows.


After the expense of replacing parts of the walls and updating the window opening, your cost could increase by 50-to-100 percent. On the flipside, new construction windows can be the most cost-effective option for, well, new construction homes. If that’s the case, chat with your builder to find the exact windows to fit your frame. 

The Real Deal on Replacement Windows

Just like new construction windows, replacement windows often go by a different name. If someone says retrofit windows, they’re talking about replacement windows. 


There are many key differences between new construction windows and replacement windows, but let’s start with the simple definition. Replacement windows are installed into a pre-existing window opening, while new construction windows are for homes soon to be built or just built. 


These windows are designed so installers in Jacksonville don’t have to take apart any of your home’s materials. These windows are specially ordered through American Window Products to perfectly fit your home. 

A Popular Window Option that Might be Right for You

The top priority for most homeowners around Jacksonville is energy efficiency. Whether we’re talking about a high-powered AC unit or updated windows, energy efficiency is your route to lower energy bills.


One of the most cost-effective options is aluminum windows with a Low-E glass coating. When you work with the American Window Products crew, you get to choose from over 80 different models. We’ll work closely with you to find the perfect windows for your family and priorities.


If aluminum windows interest you, your options include slider and single-hung. Manufacturers build these windows for easy cleaning and prime maneuverability. Add a coating of Low-E glass (free with six or more windows) and you’ll have the top-performing windows in your neighborhood. 

Partner with the Pros to Ensure a Smooth Purchase and Installation

It’s been our mission for over three decades to provide Jacksonville families with affordable, top-quality windows and installation services. Whether you’re looking for standard, energy efficient windows or something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary, we have what you need. 


Are you ready to find the perfect new construction or replacement windows for your home? We’re ready to help. Reach out to us today for your free estimate