A big trend in home window replacement projects we see homeowners invest in are floor-length windows. Residents are starting to see these windows as viable to adding value to their homes. But, do floor-length windows make sense for every homeowner? When the time comes to swap out your windows, these are both the advantages and disadvantages American Window Products informs customers about.


Lots of Light

One of the biggest benefits of floor-length windows is the vast amount of light they let into a room. With traditional windows, the wall below them is blocking any sunlight coming through. With floor-length windows, all the light shining on that side of the home can come straight through.


Room Expansion

Do you want to create the appeal of a visually larger room without knocking down any walls? Floor-length windows allow rooms to appear much larger because no real wall is separating the room. When you need a home window repair, consider replacing the window with floor-length options. American Window Products can help your rooms appear bigger, adding value to your home without knocking walls down.


Privacy Concerns

A great concern customers have about floor-length windows is about privacy. Some people enjoy having an expanded view of their exterior surroundings and do not mind others being able to see them. Even though they are visually appealing inside the home, neighbors will be able to look straight inside. For those looking for a bit more privacy, choosing floor-length windows may not be the best choice to renovate your home.


Safety Concerns

Safety should always be a great consideration when renovating a home especially, if you have young children playing near the home. With floor-length windows, the glass is going to be more exposed, and the risk is higher that they could be damaged. The pieces of glass are bigger, and the accessibility to them far easier. A household with young children can have floor-length windows, but think about which rooms would be best to install them based on where your children play most often.


Now that you’re on board for some rockin’ floor-length mirrors, we also have the best suggestions when it comes to decorating them.


Cellular Shades with Filtering

One of the best treatments that you can give to floor-length windows is to go with cellular shades that filter the light.  The idea here is that say you have a kitchen or a dining room with a lot of light that comes through a big window and you want to minimize it, but not eliminate.  A cellular shade with light filtering technology is going to allow you to accomplish just that. The premise here is that the cellular shade will act as a partial barrier to the light.  You can still fill that kitchen, that dining room, with plenty of natural light, but you are not going to be blinded by it. These types of cellular shades come in a variety of colors as well so that they can go with any style of a room.


Blackout Shades

The other alternative here is to go with blackout shades.  The prime example of when you may want to consider this is if you had a floor-length window that was opposite to the television in the living room of the home.  The floor-length window, allowing the sun to shine through, would blind you from being able to see the television due to light glare. Blackout shades let you block the light entirely and can also dress up the window to let it complement the rest of the room quite nicely.


Low-Profile Curtains

You may want to skip the shades entirely and instead go with low-profile curtains.  These curtains would be such that they would act more as decor than as a way to block the light from coming through, but that is the point.  Curtains such as this are genuine compliments to the windows in your St Augustine FL home. When you work with us to have a new floor-length vinyl window installed, you mine as well show it off rather than hiding it behind a curtain.


Flowers on the Sill

The sill of the window can be utilized to dress up the floor-length window as well.  You can even add these with curtains or low-profile shades. Use the sill of the window to place flowers on there, nothing too big, but just enough to add color, to let the flowers benefit from the natural light, and so on.  Adding flowers to your window sill is a great add-on that assists in the aesthetic appeal on the inside and out of the home.


The best window treatments for floor-length windows are based on your visual approval ratings, what you think looks great. We can help you come up with ideas, but it is on you to see what style works best for your home and what is most physically appealing and functionally sound for you, your family, and your home overall.  Our windows professionals are here to provide guidance and advice as you make your floor-length windows all they can be.