Too often, we get caught up thinking we need to make drastic changes in order to transform our homes into our dream homes. If you've got an overwhelming amount of plans for your home in the new year, don't panic. It's common to fall into the mentality that if you don't get something done at the start of the new year, it's not going to happen at all. This couldn't be further from the truth. Pace yourself, take baby steps and get quality work done. There are plenty of little details you can take care of now that will make a huge difference in the long run. Who knows, maybe after some minor upgrades, your original plans will develop into major upgrades. If you have big plans for your home, we would love to help you execute them. For now, here's a list of ways you can show your creative side in the new year with some small yet significant home projects:


Feeling a need to switch things up? Paint. Paint. Paint. Painting is a cheap project that can alter your home in a significant way. Granted, paint isn't super cheap, but if you’re looking for a drastic change, the payoff will be worth it. If you live in an older house, you might have wall colors that are outdated. Painting them will totally change the vibe of the room, and it might even inspire you to invest in matching decor that will tie the whole room together. A fresh layer of paint can even spruce up your kitchen. Turn dull cabinets into sleek pieces by painting them a dark gray or olive green color. You can also give an entire room new life just by painting a piece of furniture. Imagine an old, wooden dining chair that you found at a garage sale. Give that baby a bright paint job and it instantly becomes an artistic piece that will be the focal point of your living room!

Kitchen Upgrades

A kitchen can make or break an entire house. Many times, a family's hopes of moving into their dream home are foiled after they walk into the kitchen only to find that it’s small, outdated or just plain disappointing. Your kitchen is arguably the most important part of your home, and we wouldn't wish a mediocre one on our worst enemy. We’ve all had nightmare kitchen areas we’ve had to endure in the past, so make sure you take care of the small details in your current one. Here are some simple updates you can make around your kitchen to keep it fresh:

  • Cabinet knobs/handles: Updating your cabinet knobs and handles is a great way to bring your cabinets out of the past and into the present, or just to switch things up.
  • Cutting boards: Cutting boards are becoming more popular, not only functionally but also aesthetically. Slabs of strong wood, such as maple or pine, look great and are effective.
  • Small appliances: Blenders, toasters, crock pots, you name it. These appliances make for easy cooking and they double as stylish accessories in your kitchen. For instance, invest in pastel-colored appliances to achieve that retro kitchen look.
  • Countertops: If you can't commit to redoing your kitchen as a whole, replacing the countertops is a good place to start. Countertops are important to the functionality and overall vibe of your kitchen, so look carefully, consult kitchen hardware professionals and pick a countertop that fits your style preference.

Living Room Decor

Almost all the time, guests that enter your home go straight to the living room. If you aren't satisfied with your living room, think about what it is you want to change. Is it outdated? Too small? Too empty? Chances are, the problems you have with your living room are ones that can be fixed with minor changes. Try these quick fixes first:

  • Lampshades: Replace your lampshades. As weird as it sounds, lampshades make a difference. You might not even realize it, but your grandmother's lampshade might be the one thing keeping your living room in the 1970s. This isn’t always a bad thing, but either way, switching out your lampshades is a great way to freshen up your space.
  • Pillows: Just as you should upgrade your lampshades, you should upgrade your pillows. Your pillows don’t necessarily need to match, but they do need to compliment the couch and the room.
  • Rugs: If you have hardwood floors, a great way to show them off is with a stylish rug. A faux fur rug is a chic, fun addition that can work in more spaces than you think.
  • Windows: Window repairs and replacements are a great place to start on your renovations for the new year. You can achieve a specific style while also saving money in the long run, especially if your current windows are drafty or have other problems you may not know of. You can also switch out old curtains for updated window treatments, or even switch to plantation shutters.

Start the new year off strong with these small, yet effective renovations. If you want to get your windows or doors replaced, or if you just need some more information, give us a call. As always, we’d love to help!