Aluminum windows continue to gain popularity.One of the significant reasons is due to the energy gains they bring. Aluminum windows are extremely energy efficient, but why? What makes them such an energy saver for your home?Our team of Jacksonville, FL window repair professionals is here to shed light on the topic.


Exceeding Energy Standards


Aluminum windows smash energy efficiency standards in the market.They typically meet or exceed all of the standards.When compared to other types of windows in the market, the improvements in heat gain and heat loss are second to none.


The increased energy gains make them an ideal replacement candidate for windows.If you are in need of a window repair at your Jacksonville, FL home, it may make more sense financially in the long run to replace with aluminum!


Frames and Glass Combination


The combination of the aluminum frames in conjunction with the quality glass panes seals the home.Whether you are trying to stay warm in winter or cool in summer, aluminum windows will fight off the sun, drafts and other elements.  


Aluminum windows usually have two to three panes of glass.The aluminum construct working with the multiple panes of glass helps to insulate the home from the outdoors.  


Proper Installation


The other factor to consider is the installation team.Proper installation by our team of professionals further increases energy gains.You could have the best aluminum windows in the world, but if not installed correctly, the benefits get lost.We will take the necessary time to ensure the fit is ideal, the seal is in place and the windows are installed to perfection.  




The energy savings you get initially can be expected to last for many years.Aluminum windows are extremely durable!Their makeup is corrosion resistant.You do not have to worry about weathering, even under a range of extremely harsh outdoor conditions.  


Aluminum windows are not going to swell, crack or warp over time either.The extended product lifespan means that the immediate energy gains you receive will not dissipate in a few short years.


Reduction in the Carbon Footprint


The energy savings you can expect to get from aluminum windows will far outweigh the input that goes into its creation.This, in turn, helps to reduce your carbon footprint overall.Over the life of the windows, you are saving the environment in energy utilized.


Aluminum windows are a valuable asset for a home to have.There is so much focus on reducing our carbon footprint and how much energy we use.Why not take action and try to cut down yourself and lower your utility bills in the process?Aluminum windows can help you do just that!Our team at American Windows is here to take you through the process.If you need a window repair in your Jacksonville, FL home, talk to us about the feasibility and long-term affordability of going with an aluminum replacement instead!