A new year often stirs the urge for change. If you’ve had your eye on a home improvement project that keeps getting pushed to the back burner, we’re here to inspire you. Not all homeowners have a bottomless budget to improve their property. If you need to keep costs low, there are a few projects that pack a punch without breaking the bank. 

Swap a Dated Neutral Exterior for a Crisp Shade of White

There’s simply no way around it — homeowners in 2021 want agreeable shades of white and gray. Depending on the square footage of your house, expect to spend between $1,500 and $6,000 to add fresh paint. 


If you’re worried the project may be useless, just think about these numbers — this simple cosmetic upgrade typically shows about a 95-percent ROI when you sell your home. You really can’t beat a return like that.

Replace Your Front Door to Immediately Improve Curb Appeal

Fiberglass doors are the industry standard amongst builders and discerning homeowners. American Window Products recommends you replace your door to improve energy efficiency, appearance and quality of life. This quick project leads to an average 70-percent ROI. 


This important investment shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you take pride in the look of your house, it’s smart to partner with a pro to find the perfect door. Modern security features and contemporary designs make your choice a good one, regardless of which model you choose. 

Expand Your Home’s Indoor/Outdoor Living Area

A small deck addition is a valuable project you should consider if you have the space. Expanding the usable space outside your home with a stone patio or wood deck is appealing to most buyers. Additionally, this space offers plenty of use to your family before you even consider selling your home. 


Many people are intimidated by this project. It’s important to remember that the materials are affordable and the installation is common knowledge to a pro. Simply partner with a local expert to complete this valuable project in no time. 

Strategically Plan Your Projects to Save Money and Improve Your Return

American Window Products has a team of experienced professionals ready to improve your home. Whether you contact us for new windows or doors, or simply need a recommendation for a professional with a different specialty, we’re here to help. 


Very friendly & professional. I recommend you to everyone! Quick to resolve the problem with incorrect window & quick with installation. Very efficient.

– Melinda P., American Window Projects Review


We understand the limitations of a budget. House flippers, price-conscious homeowners and successful builders all yield to a budget when improving a home. Speak with us from the get-go about your budget, and we’ll pair you with the perfect windows and doors to meet your needs. We can’t wait to work with you!