Every homeowner with a property built before 1978 knows the risks of possible lead paint exposure. Not every home has lead-based paint, but every home built before this year comes with a mandatory seller’s disclosure. It’s important to the health and safety of your family to take every precaution to avoid exposure. When you partner with American Window Products for your aluminum windows project, we keep your safety as the #1 priority. From lead-safe certification procedures to features that block harmful UV rays, our goal is to make your home as safe as possible.

Why Lead-Safe Certification Should be a Top Priority

We all know lead is toxic. Historically, lead was a primary component of many products around your home. Half of all homes built between 1940 and 1960 contain paint with elevated concentrations of this toxic metal. From the exterior siding to interior baseboards, there are countless surfaces around your home that could be covered in lead paint. 


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instituted a lead paint certification and testing requirement that went into effect in 2010. Homeowners find peace of mind in the process followed during renovations, paint jobs and repairs. Before the team starts any work, lead testing reveals concentrations and locations of the paint. Only qualified professionals possess this certification and follow it perfectly. 

The Practices We Follow to Preserve Your Family’s Safety

It’s one thing to have lead paint in your home, but it’s a whole new ball game when the paint is disturbed. We follow strict protocols with our services when we detect the presence of lead paint. We’ve outlined the careful steps we take to ensure the well being of your family. 


– First, the area is assessed by our certified technicians before the window installation begins. 

– Next, our team seals off the area with a zip wall, partitions and caution tape. We do this to keep your family out of the area while the project is in progress. 

– All of our team members wear lead-safe protective clothing to avoid contamination. 

– Every old window is completely removed, misted and wrapped with plastic. 

– After installation, we carefully clean the area to contain and remove lead dust. 

“Do I Really Need Someone to Test for Lead in My Walls and Aluminum Windows?”

The short answer is YES. Our professionals at American Window Products use an EPA-certified lead testing kit to check the paint in your home. This is a crucial initial step we take before we start a project in an older home in Jacksonville or surrounding areas. 


The requirements to hold a lead-safe certification are no joke. We understand the importance of education and awareness when it comes to lead contamination, so we hold this certification to the highest priority. The health of our customers come first, and that’s why our team members take a full day of training every five years. 

Find Out Why Jacksonville Locals Have Trusted Us for 30+ Years

American Window Products experts have proudly served the members of our community for over three decades. While some window guys rush through the job and prioritize a payday over a quality result, we work diligently through every step of our work. 


“Neat & professional in all aspects of work. I would recommend you any day. Thanks for a job well done.”

– Dan S., American Window Products Testimonial


We don’t want you to just live in your house, we want you to love your house. Our goal is to make you feel like family every step of the way, and that starts with safety precautions to protect your well being. 


Does your Jacksonville property deserve window upgrades? American Windows is here to help. Contact the American Window Products team today to schedule your free estimate for aluminum windows.